FRS Account to PeopleSoft Department

FRS Accounts are now called PeopleSoft Departments or Projects.  Projects are used for grants.  For most departments and projects, the FRS Account = the PeopleSoft Department/Project.  However in a few instances, the department or project number value has changed. 

A user could use the following on-line navigation to determine the new PeopleSoft Department value.


SU Customizations  à  Crosswalks  à  FRS Accts to PS Dept or Project


Enter the Set ID: either “SALIS” (for the University) or “SUFND” (for the Foundation)

Enter your current FRS Account number above and select

The following page appears:


With PeopleSoft, certain chartfields (e.g., department) must be populated.  These include Program and Fund.  Each PeopleSoft department or project will have only one valid department/fund/program or project/fund/program combination.  This valid combination was built during implementation.  If an invalid combination is entered, the system will reject the transaction until the correct information is input. 

To assist users, especially those who are entering purchase orders, vouchers and requisitions (coming soon), and for the sake of keypunch efficiency and effectiveness, we are using Speedtype Keys.  Speedtypes are also built using the same aforementioned valid combination.  When a user enters a Speedtype into PeopleSoft, the system automatically completes the Department, Project, Fund and Program chartfields. 

Important: The Speedtype = the Department/Project.    


FRS Subcode to PeopleSoft Account


FRS Subcodes are now called PeopleSoft Accounts.  FRS Subcodes were 4-digit values, whereas PeopleSoft Accounts are 6-digit values.  The first 4 digits of the Account correspond to the State of Maryland’s subcodes.  A 2-digit suffix is added to account for the University’s need for a more detailed accounting of revenues and expenses. 


SU Customizations  à  Crosswalks  à  FRS Subcode to PS Account


Enter the Set ID: either “SALIS” (for the University) or “SUFND” (for the Foundation)

Enter an FRS Subcode above and select

Note: Certain FRS subcode values may have been used for both SL (Sub-Ledger accounts where revenues and expenses are recorded) and GL (General Ledger accounts where cash and fund balance is recorded).  That is why the GLSL Indicator is on the above page.

The following page appears:




You can open multiple windows within PeopleSoft by selecting the New Window link above.

Until you become familiar with the new PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts, you may want to have the SU Customizations à Crosswalks page open as an additional window while you are in PeopleSoft.  This will enable you to quickly check any chart of accounts’ conversions on-line.




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