One of the main uses of PeopleSoft Financials will be to review department and project budgets.  Budget Administrators and their designees have been assigned this capability.

PeopleSoft has 2 different pages for the user to review budgets.  The first and most comprehensive is Budgets Overview.



Commitment Control à Review Budget Activities à Budget Inquiry à Budgets Overview


When running processes or reports, PeopleSoft usually requires the user to create a process name (often called a Run Control ID).  For Budget Inquiry, PeopleSoft requires the user to create an Inquiry Name (the same concept, just a different name). 

The user could decide to generically name the Inquiry, using DEPT (shown above) as the Inquiry Name or the user could name it for the number of the department (e.g., 155035) or project. 

To add a new Inquiry Name, select the  tab.  Enter the Inquiry Name and select 

The following page appears:


Complete the shaded boxes.  The Ledger Group must be selected (CC_DEPT for departmental budgets and CC_PROJ for project budgets).  Business Unit, Ledger Group and Type of Calendar must have the values indicated for a departmental budget inquiry for Salisbury University.  The Description and Dept can and will vary depending on the actual departmental inquiry.  (Note: The Dept value would need to change if you were using a generic Inquiry Name (e.g., DEPT) and you wanted to inquire on another of your departments’ budgets (e.g., 155020).  If you prefer not to have to change values within the Inquiry Name, create specific Inquiry Names unique to each department or project.) 

Select .  

To run the budget inquiry, select

The following page appears:



The results identify the commitment control accounts, the budget amounts, encumbrance totals, expenses and the balance available.  Select  to see the expanded view of all of the aforementioned amounts. 

All of the budget, encumbrance and expense totals are hyperlinked (i.e., underlined in blue) to allow the user to drill down into the detail that comprises the total.  Clicking on the linked amounts takes the user to the Activity Log page. 

The  icon directs the user to the Budget Details page.


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