The Activity Log allows the user to inquire on a transaction to a commitment control ledger group and ledger.  (Note that similar information can also be obtained through the Budgets Overview inquiry and subsequent drilldown.  The Activity Log is also accessed through drilldown within the Purchase Order Inquiry, PO Accounting Entries.  This is just another option for the user.  It’s a little more difficult, in that the user would need to know the transaction type and the Commitment Control Transaction ID number.  When you drilldown, the trans type and trans ID is basically identified by PeopleSoft.)



Commitment Control à Review Budget Activities à Budget Inquiry à Activity Log



Select the Source Transaction Type (PO_POENC for encumbrances, AP_VOUCHER for vouchers and GL_JOURNAL for journal entries) and the Commitment Control Tran ID (and any of the other above fields) to narrow the search. 

Select .

The following page appears:



Select the  tab and transaction amounts replace the Budget Period and Year.

Select  and all information from both of the tabs appears.

Select  and the user is directed to the Budget Inquiry page. 

Select  to drilldown into the document line detail.  A document could be the purchase order, a journal entry, a voucher or a payment.

The following page appears by selecting the  icon.



You can then use the Document ID number as the basis for a Purchase Order Inquiry under the Purchasing Menu, a Voucher or Payment Inquiry under the Accounts Payable Menu, or a Journal Inquiry under the General Ledger Menu.


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