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Advising & Program Planning Materials

  1. Advising Services Coordinators  (Word file)
  2. Graduation Requirements  (Word file)
  3. Advising Handout for Students (Word file)
  4. Advising Calendar  (Word file)
  5. Evaluation Form  (Word file)
  6. FERPA Requirements (Word file)
  7. Advising Handbook for New Faculty  (Word file)
  8. Academic Checklists
  9. Advising Sign-Up Sheet

Detailed GullNet Lessons for Faculty

Lesson 1:  Signing On to PeopleSoft

Lesson 2:  Changing Your Password

Lesson 3:  Entering Faculty Self Service

Lesson 4:  View My Class Schedule

Lesson 5:  View My Weekly Schedule

Lesson 6:  Access Class Rosters

Lesson 7:  Grade Rosters

Lesson 8:  View Advisees

Lesson 9:  Activate Student Registration

Lesson 10:  View/Activate New or Drop-In Advisees

Lesson 11:  View Advisee's Enrollment Appointment

Lesson 12:  View Course Catalog

Lesson 13:  View Schedule of Classes