Holloway Hall
GullNet Production Webserver test page

 Each link should connect you to one of the web servers in use for GullNet, HRIS, or Financials.  If you click the link and you get a blank page then the web server can be considered "hung".  If you get a "page cannot be displayed" error then the web server service has not been started.  This is not necessarily a problem as the Load Balancer will ignore this web server when connecting people to GullNet.

You must have access through the firewall to access these links.


pscsweb1:7001 MonitorSessions
pscsweb1:7003 MonitorSessions
pscsweb1:7005 MonitorSessions
pscsweb2:7001 MonitorSessions
pscsweb2:7003 MonitorSessions
pscsweb2:7005 MonitorSessions
pscsweb3:7001 MonitorSessions
pscsweb3:7003 MonitorSessions
pscsweb3:7005 MonitorSessions
psfsprd1:8001 MonitorSessions
psfsprd1:8003 MonitorSessions
psfsprd2:8001 MonitorSessions
psfsprd2:8003 MonitorSessions
pshrwa1:8001 MonitorSessions
pshrwa1:8003 MonitorSessions
pshrwa2:8001 MonitorSessions
pshrwa2:8003 MonitorSessions
pshrwa3:8001 MonitorSessions
pshrwa3:8003 MonitorSessions