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Updated January 18, 2017

  • Upon receipt of the Gull Card, the cardholder agrees to be legally bound by all of the terms and conditions set forth herein.

  • All accounts are "open" upon receipt of your Gull Card.

  • Salisbury University agrees to accept and to hold for the benefit of the cardholder, and exclusively for the purposes described herein, funds prepaid by the cardholder through the use of the Gull Card debit account. Funds prepaid by the cardholder to the debit plan shall be applied to charges for goods and services made by the cardholder through the use of the Gull Card debit plan.

  • The cardholder understands and agrees that no interest or other earnings will be paid to the cardholder or credited to the Gull Card debit account.

  • The cardholder understands and agrees that there are no service charges applied to any transactions that occur at a Salisbury University "point of sale" locations.

  • The Gull Card is the property of Salisbury University. It must be carried, at all times, by the user and must be surrendered upon request to any University official.

  • The Gull Card is non-transferable. Please do not let anyone use your Gull Card. The cardholder is responsible for purchases made and debited to the cardholder’s debit plan. In order to prevent unauthorized use of the cardholder’s Gull Card, additional identification may be required from any person/merchant attempting to access the cardholder’s plan.

  • The cardholder is responsible for immediately reporting a lost or stolen Gull Card to the Gull Card Office, University Police offices or via the Gull Card Web site. The cardholder is responsible for all transactions made with his/her Gull Card prior to it being reported lost or stolen. The cardholder is not responsible for charges that occur after the card has been officially reported lost.  The cardholder can deactivate their account 24/7 by calling University Police at 410-543-6222 or logging into their account at and choosing the LOST Card option.

  • A replacement fee of $25 will be charged for all lost, or stolen cards. The $25 replacement fee also applies to all damaged cards if it is determined that the damage is not normal wear and tear.  Damaged or worn out cards will be replaced only if the damaged card is surrendered at time of replacement. Damages that warrant a $25 charge include but are not limited to abuse, carelessness or accidental damage that causes folds, creases, warping due to excessive heat or washing, horizontally broken in half, and/or intentional scratches to the mag stripe. ** Note:  If the event that a lost card is recovered and a new card has been issued, the previous card is inactive and void.  The system replaces the embedded codes form the original card with the replacement card codes.  (NOT REFUNDABLE).

  • Salisbury University reserves the right to close a cardholder’s debit plan at any time; the cardholder may close their debit plan at any time. Salisbury University reserves the right to refuse application to establish a new debit plan. Gull Card accounts will be closed automatically in due course if the cardholder ceases to be a student, faculty member or employee of Salisbury University (including spouse & dependent cards).

  • The cardholder is responsible for observing the amount and account charged during each transaction and for monitoring his/her own account balance.  If you attempt to make a purchase and there is not sufficient balance in your Gull Card Account, the transaction should not be approved.  However, should the occasion arise when, due to system problems or otherwise, a purchase occurs with not enough funds in your Gull Card Account (creating a "shortage" or "negative" amount), you will be billed for such negative amount and agree to pay such amount promptly.  Alternatively you also agree that the University may offset such negative amounts against funds that my thereafter be deposited by you to your account.

  • The cardholder is responsible for auditing their monthly account statements online for accuracy and must do so within 30 days of the transaction in question.  Complete monthly statements are available online the first day of the next month.  Report account errors or questions in writing to the Gull Card Office CB036 Commons Bldg, 1101 Camden Ave, Salisbury, MD  21801 or via email to  Include the following in your request, name, university id #, transaction amount, transaction location and reason you believe the transaction was an error.   The charges will remain on your account until the Gull Card Office investigates the disputed transaction(s) and makes its ruling on the charges. You will be notified within 14 days of the results and if a credit was applied to your account.

  • Refunds from accounts are processed at the end of a semester and will only be granted upon official graduation, withdrawal or termination of employment.  The debit account is not to be used in lieu of a checking account. Cash may not be withdrawn for any reason.  Refund requests must be made by the account holder submitting a written request, within 30 days of leaving the university, to close their account to the Gull Card Office CB036 Commons Bldg, 1101 Camden Ave, Salisbury, MD  21801 or via email to  A check will be sent, in approximately six to eight weeks providing that there are no outstanding balances due to the University.

  • Gull Card debit account balances will be carried forth from semester to semester, year to year, as long as the cardholder is continually enrolled or employed at Salisbury University. Gull Card debit accounts will be automatically closed if the above requirements are not met.

  • Salisbury University reserves the right to utilize any and all data and images for official University business. Data and images will mainly be utilized to develop class rosters for professors. If you prefer not to have your image used for this purpose please notify the Gull Card Office in writing.

  • Salisbury University may modify the terms and conditions of this agreement by publicly publishing via the gull card web site, ,a copy of any such changes prior to their effective date.  The cardholder will have the right to close his/her account. If a cardholder does not close his/her account within 30 days of such public notice, the cardholder agrees to be bound by such changes in his/her Gull Card account terms and conditions

If you have any questions, please contact the Gull Card Office via email or by phone at 410-543-6053

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