Guitar Festival
Holloway Hall

Guitar Festival and Competition

April 27-28, 2013

Festival Information


Salisbury University is pleased to host the 5th Annual Guitar Festival and Competition, now expanded to two days, April 27-28, 2013.

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Saturday, April 27 (Classical Guitar Day)

Master Classes with

  • Dale Kavanagh
  • Thomas Kirchhoff
  • Daniel Boring
  • Danielle Cumming

Playing Competitions for three age categories

  • Ages 11 and under
  • Ages 12-15
  • Ages 16-18

Participants' Ensemble
All participants will rehearse and perform a work honoring the experimental American composer John Cage.

Final Concert

The Amadeus Guitar Duo
We are tremendously proud to present the esteemed Amadeus Guitar Duo in concert. Dale Kavanagh (Canada) and Thomas Kirchhoff (Germany) are among the world’s best performers.

The Amadeus Guitar Duo’s performance has been made possible thanks to the generous support of Salisbury University President Janet Dudley-Eshbach.

Workshops By
Eric Shuster, percussionist
David Pace, luthier

Guitars, Scores, and more
Mike Kirkpatrick from The Kirkpatrick Guitar Studio will be coming to the Festival. Participants can try out the guitars and browse the many scores available for sale in the Great Hall Social Room.

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Sunday, April 28 (All Styles of Guitar Day)

Guitarists of all ages, levels and string type are invited to participate in the workshops of All Styles Day. For the first time the Festival will include workshops on:

Blues Guitar Open Tuning
Local blues legend Chris English gives a workshop on open tunings.

Rock - all levels
Philadelphia’s multitalented Duane Large teaches rock from the basics to chords and solos.

Finger Aerobics
Jason Balish will lead the group through exercises to warm up and develop speed and clarity. For all styles of guitar.

Guitar from Scratch Class
For beginners and recent-beginners. SU guitars are available to borrow if you do not have a guitar. Please see registration for more information

The Guitar Man
Representatives from Salisbury’s newest guitar store and repair center will be on hand to discuss repairs and set up for your guitar.

The festival is open to students of all ages and levels.
Age restrictions apply to the playing competitions only.

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The 2013 Roster of Teachers and Performers:

Amadeus Guitar Duo   Amadeus Guitar Duo
The Amadeus Guitar Duo is counted among the top-class international guitar duos, receiving enthusiastic reviews all over the world. Comprised of Canadian guitarist Dale Kavanagh and her German partner Thomas Kirchhoff, the duo has performed more than 1,000 concerts in over 50 countries in Europe, North, South and Central America, and Asia. They always delight the audience with their virtuoso performances, exuberant temperament, sensitive creative power and warm, carrying guitar tone. (read full biography)
Daniel Boring   Daniel Boring is a rare performer who specializes in various instruments including baroque, classical and romantic guitars, baroque lute and theorbo. He has performance degrees from the State University of New York at Buffalo and the Ithaca College School of Music, and former teachers include the Castellani-Andriaccio duo, Donald Miller, Timothy Schmidt, Pablo Cohen, and James Tyler … (read full biography)
  David J. Pace Drawing from experience as a guitarist, audio engineer and woodworker, David J. Pace hand-builds concert guitars in his Baltimore, Maryland workshop. His designs feature both traditional as well as composite double-top soundboards. Pace’s work was featured in the March-May 2011 issue of the French magazine Guitare Classique. (read full biography)
  Eric Shuster is a Lecturer of Music Appreciation and Creativity and Electronic/Acoustic Music. Eric holds his M.M. from Louisiana State University and B.A. from Kutztown University, both in Percussion Performance, and has attended the Berklee College of Music Summer Workshop. His principal instructors include Brett Dietz, Frank Kumor, and Will Rapp, with additional study under Jim Atwood, timpanist with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. (read full biography)
  Chris English was born and raised in Salisbury, Maryland and started playing guitar at age 11. His older brother introduced him to the blues in the late 1960’s, during his high school years. Chris concentrated on slide guitar and harmonica at this time teaching himself, using open tunings. Chris is now primarily performing as a solo act, playing traditional and acoustic blues. (read full biography)
  Duane Large is active as a performer in nearly every style of music on guitar, mandolin, lute, bass, piano, and percussion. Duane is also an educator and a scholar. He has appeared with such groups as The Philadelphia Orchestra, The Royal Ballet and The Pennsylvania Ballet. Duane has performed in several cities in the US including, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, New Haven, Boston, Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, and New Orleans, and in Europe in Germany, Italy and Finland (read full biography)
Jason Balish   Jason Balish Classical Guitarist Jason Balish is an active teacher and performer based in New York City. He holds a B.A. in Music from Salisbury University where he studied with Dr. Danielle Cumming, and has performed in master classes in the United States and Europe for such renowned guitarists as David Leisner, Thomas Kirchhoff, Michael Newman, Gerald Garcia, and Hans-Werner Huppertz. (read full biography)
  Danielle Cumming, Festival Director

Classical guitarist Danielle Cumming is an active performer, studio teacher and lecturer. She holds a Doctorate in Performance from McGill University and a Masters in Performance from the University of Toronto, where she studied with Norbert Kraft … (read full biography)


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