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February 1, 2013Feburary 28, 2013

Caitlin Murphy - Artist’s Statement

Caitlin Murphy While painting has a long and elaborate history across time and culture, for me it has become a humble part of my small past. As my skill in the craft matures, ultimately so does my vision. This collection is a representation of my constant strife to combine my emotional and physical connections to the relationships and world surrounding me, as well as my subsequent effort to reproduce these sentiments onto canvas in a way that is real and raw.

I have always been a quiet observer, never shy but always eager to listen and watch. My memories, as a result, have become the center of my personal connections, both with people and places. I continually associate specific images with entire moments from my past or entire relationships with loved ones. This specific focus allows me to transform and shift the subjects of my paintings from my own unique, emotional experiences to those that are universal and timeless - relationships, emotions and family.

I paint mainly portraits in a representational style, enhancing light and color when I can. I express emotion through these elements so that it shines through even when there is often no face in the piece. In my more recent works, I have developed a vaguely expressive brush stroke, focusing less on structured, specific detail that can become stagnant and personal, and more on the texture and color that make up an overall sentiment that is larger than the painting itself. The resulting paintings are relatable and powerful, even though they come from deep within myself.

Artist Biography

Caitlin grew up in a Navy family, moving to several states before finally settling in Southern Maryland. An avid artist throughout her childhood, she experimented with various media in various schools before discovering she had a talent for drawing and acrylic painting. When it came time to choose a career path, Caitlin leapt at the chance to combine her love of art and her love of advertisement and decided to study graphic design at Salisbury University.

Never one to give up on her passions, however, she enrolled in painting classes to continue honing her skills and in doing so learned to use oil paints. Since then, she has had paintings displayed across Salisbury's campus and has even been commissioned to create a few pieces. Though she did not choose it as a career path, Caitlin has not - and will never - stop painting. 

Price Sheet

20” x 31”
Oil on Canvas

24” x 24”
Oil on Canvas
$450 (Sold)

Respiration“Respiration” 2012
24” x 12”
Oil on Canvas


24” x 18”
Oil on Canvas $350


Self Portrait“Self Portrait”
24” x 18”
Oil on Canvas


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