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Moments of Connection
September 6, 2012 – October 12, 2012

Leah Lewman - Artist’s Statement

Much of my work emphasizes the element of intense value, which I believe gives the paintings an almost theatrical sense of drama. I enjoy experimenting with these aspects of my paintings as they interact with the human figure. Having grown up with an identical twin sister, I think I have developed an unusual way of relating to others – one that stems from that closeness to another person that so many people do not get to experience. I often notice that my thoughts and behaviors in both private and social situations differ significantly from those of others. Relationships like the one between my sister and I are just the kinds of human interactions that I am interested in portraying. The people we surround ourselves with play a huge role in shaping us as human beings. We spend our whole lives being affected by, and affecting others in return.

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I have explored these concepts in my recent work with pieces such as “Seated Symmetry,” (2012, Oil on Canvas, now on display at the National Juried Exhibition at the AI&G in downtown Salisbury). This piece focuses on the identity crisis that comes with being a twin, while “Going Gently” narrates the ever-flowing sequence of life, love, age and loss. These two works led me to a strong focus on the expression of relationship by human hands. I became fascinated with the ability of these seemingly unremarkable tools, which have the ability to serve as emotional extensions for the brain, and for the heart. You can tell what two people’s spirits are saying by what their hands say, and my goal is to capture this emotion in my paintings. Connections between individuals can be very complex, none are ever quite the same, and they can change with time and experience. My paintings reflect these complexities; the intertwining fingers, twisting bones, reddening flesh, pulling skin, tightened muscles… The hands are an outlet for our very souls, and to me, painting the hands is as close as I can get to painting the raw, inner core of human experience.

In viewing my work, my hope is that the spectator feels he/she can fully grasp the entirety of a situation between the two individuals, as if he were seeing their whole bodies, their faces, even their eyes. I want the viewer to be able to feel the crude energy between the two unknown figures, and perhaps even put himself into that situation entirely.

Artist Biography

Leah Lewman is a current Senior at SU. She will be graduating in Spring 2012 with a BFA in Painting and Art History, as well as a minor in Marketing and Management.

Price Sheet

1. “Hesitation” 2012, 60” x 30”, Oil on Canvas $550

2. “Going Gently” (diptych) 2012, 33” x 80”, Oil on Canvas $1,300

3. “The Spaces In Between” 2011, 24" x 30”, Oil and Soil on Canvas $400

4. “Unspoken” 2012, 16” x 40”, Oil on Canvas $400 (Sold)

5. “In The Balance” 2012, 31” x 48’, Oil on Canvas $850 (Sold)

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