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Dameon • M.A. History

I find the faculty fabulous.

I earned my undergraduate degree from SU and I chose to continue my education here. I stayed because I understood and liked how the History Department worked and I knew the faculty. I can’t say enough about the history faculty—they do all they can to help you in the program. The graduate history program is challenging, and at times, it may seem impossible, but as long as I communicate with my instructors and do the work I know I will complete the program successfully. As part of my history studies, I participated in the Roman Rome-Germany trip where we traveled through Italy, France and Germany over the course of a month. Our group of about 30 students experienced the different cultures of Europe, came to understand its history and learned to love the food. The program illustrated to me that the world was bigger then what we simply see in the United States. After I graduate I plan to take a year off from school and work and enjoy life. After taking this break—and because of my experiences and education in the M.A. history program—I will have the background to enter various fields such as teaching, museum studies or archaeology.

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Lisa • Master of Science in Nursing

I need a flexible program.

After much contemplation, looking into the other nurse practitioner programs in the area, and talking to many nurse practitioner students and graduates, I chose to continue my education at SU because of its convenient location, I was already familiar with the faculty and I felt I had a good relationship with them. I also appreciated the ease of transitioning from the B.S. in nursing to the M.S. in nursing program. I knew I could be flexible with my schedule and that was important because I needed to continue working full time. You can customize the program to fit into your everyday life. I am a floor nurse in the medical/surgical area at Atlantic General Hospital. My graduate education has helped me to better understand the protocols of care used in the hospital setting. In other words, I understand more why the doctors are ordering treatments, tests and medications for our patients. I also have more confidence in advocating for my patients and communicating with the other professionals involved in patient care. My M.S. in nursing will take me to the next level of professionalism. I love being an RN, but I will enjoy even more the responsibilities and opportunities my graduate degree will bring me.

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Lucy • M.S. Applied Health Physiology

I want to study close to home.

Salisbury University is the right school for me because it is the only school in Maryland that offers a program in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and my preference is to stay in Maryland. I was also attracted to the size of the school and its location. The program offers two separate tracks— the clinical track and the health/fitness track—which gives you some flexibility. The clinical track gives you the opportunity to intern at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation department—and that is a tremendous opportunity! The M.S. in applied health physiology program gives students hands-on experience in the lab with techniques such as exercise testing and pulmonary function tests. The labs have definitely helped me tie the physiology concepts with the clinical practice. The emphasis on peer-reviewed research articles to write research papers is also a strong point of the program. I think it provides students with a mindset for obtaining objective and credible information. After graduation, I hope to work in a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program, but I think a degree in applied health physiology may give me some latitude to work in other health-related areas and it will give me a specialty in the health field that I did not have prior to entering the program.

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Pauline • Master of Business Administration

I came for the reputation.

I am from France and my school (ESC RENNES International School of Business) emphasized teaching all its classes in English. When considering graduate study abroad, I looked at brochures from various business schools and assessed the reputation of the schools, classes, and its recreational centers and surroundings. After careful consideration, SU was my first choice! The M.B.A. offered at SU met all my academic expectations and many of my personal interests. In today’s world, standards are pretty much international, and the program at SU has a hard work spirit, a sound work ethic and a passionate faculty. The fact that the studies are in English is also important. It shows future employers that I had to adapt to a different culture and new standards. All the classes I take here were very interesting, and many deal with organizations operating worldwide. As an international student, it is always interesting—and sometimes even surprising—to see what beliefs people hold on different cultures. In return I learn many things about the American culture and its practices thanks to my American friends. Now that I am in the M.B.A. program, recruiters are more interested in my résumé since my studies show my ability to learn as well as adapt. This M.B.A. has made me more valuable to international firms!

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