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Student Research

Salisbury University promotes and supports student scholarly research activities and creative work across all academic disciplines. These endeavors are integral to the teaching and learning experience as they provide opportunities for students to become closely affiliated with a faculty mentor and to develop skills and knowledge that will enable them to reach their academic and career goals. The experiences of working closely with colleagues in a research group help students gain needed experience and discipline as they become professionals.

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Student Research Award Spotlight

USARA Award Recipients - Spring 2014

  • Andrea Becker: "Automated Data Fusion of Chromatographic Calibration and Prediction" ($500)
  • Amanda Biederman: "Biochemical response to acute temperature change in Atlantic killifish". ($402)
  • Victoria DeHoyos: "Community-University Research Collaborations: Partnerships for Social Justice and Community Betterment". ($300)

  • Alaina Gostomski: "Challenging the Understanding of Beauty". ($200)

  • Sarah Gregory: "Characterizing the function of protein 3GBH, a putative FMN/NADH oxidoreductase". ($500)

  • Robin Karpovich: "Math Education: The Return of the Sputnik Crisis". ($300)

  • Gregory Lesko: "Bat Species of Delmarva: Their Distribution and Conservation Status". ($300)

  • Megan Mahedy: "Naturopathy: A Health Care Revolution"? ($200)

  • Rebecca Miller: "Republican Manhood: A Fight for Freedom". ($200)

  • Kaitlyn Mitchell: "Gut Endosymbiont Communities of the Dung Beetles Species Onthophagus taurus (Schreber) Across Maryland". ($471)

  • Daniel Morris: "Wake of Heroes: History into Fiction". ($200)

  • Sarina Moss: "Genetic Diversity of a peripheral population of Red-backed salamanders". ($500)

  • Michael Robben: "Oxidative Stress Response of Caenorhabditis elegans afer Suppression of mrck-1 by RNai". ($500)

  • Jennifer Roslon: "1 in 7 Billion". ($140)

  • Frances Sherlock: "Wicked Wiles" to the Working World: A Study of Disney and Gender. ($200)


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