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Training Resources

Our staff is committed to helping faculty plan, write and manage their research project proposals and we are available to assist you throughout the process. We can advise you on how to locate a funding source that is appropriate for your project and budget, as well as preparing a project narrative in the appropriate form. Be sure to check this website page frequently for updates on grant related workshops, webinars and other tools and resources.

Early Notification

We strongly urge you to consult with the chairperson of your Department, the Dean of the School (or appropriate Vice President) and the research staff in the Office of Graduate Studies and Research before beginning the process of preparing a grant proposal. In addition, if you plan to apply for funding from a government agency, we highly recommended that you consult the appropriate program officer within the agency before you begin the writing process. For tips on how to prepare a solid proposal, read Best Practices for Preparing a Winning Proposal (PDF)

The Office of Graduate Studies and Research has the tools you need to keep you updated on new and ongoing funding opportunities. Visit: for new and ongoing opportunities, funding databases and grants bulletins. We recommend that you visit this sight often, as this information us updated on a regular basis.

Grants 101

If you are not familiar with the grants proposal process, our Grants 101 PDF or tutorial PowerPoint will provide you with an overview and some basic information to help you get started.


Funding Databases

GENIUS/SMARTS Grant-Matching Guide

GENIUS is a web-based database containing profiles of scholars and researchers at leading universities and research institutions throughout the world. As a searchable international registry of institutional expertise, GENIUS promotes industry and institutional collaboration. The database can be mined based on: free-text searches of full profiles; keywords; research interests (free-text search based on abstracts entered by investigators); and institution, state, or country.

How to Create A GENIUS Profile:

Step 1: From your on-campus computer, enter your Internet browser (Netscape or Explorer).

Step 2: Type in in the location box and hit enter.

Step 3: Click on the “GENIUS/SMARTS” tab

Step 4: Click “Create a New Profile.”

Step 5: Highlight your institution and click “Select.” (The screen is wide; you may have to scroll to expose the right side of the screen.)

Step 6: Enter your first and last name, e-mail address, department affiliation, and a username and password.

Step 7: Click “Submit” and the Profile Summary page will appear.

Step 8: Each blue category represents a different aspect of the profile that you can click on and select/provide information that refines your personal and professional profile (sensitive information is optional).

Step 9: Once you create a GENIUS profile, you have control over your profile information and can access your profile at any time to make changes.

SMARTS is an automated daily alerts system that notifies investigators of relevant new programs that match their GENIUS profiles. SMARTS pushes relevant funding opportunities to users saving them precious time and effort, while ensuring they are kept abreast of the latest programs in their areas of interest. SMARTS sends daily email reports in either Summary or Full Program format.

How To Activate SMARTS:

Step 1: Click “General” from the Profile Summary page, fill out your contact/institution information, and answer the five questions.

  • Question 1 allows you to specify whether you would like prospective partners/collaborators to contact you directly or make initial contact with your institutional administrator.

  • Question 2 allows you to specify whether you want to receive SMARTS matches. To receive SMARTS matches, make sure “Yes” is selected.

  • Question 3 allows you to specify how you would like to receive your SMARTS matches.

  • Question 4 allows you to specify whether you want to receive SMARTS output of programs only from U.S. sponsors.

  • Question 5 allows you to specify the format in which you would like to receive your SMARTS output: Full Program or Summary Format.

Step 2: Click “Keywords” to select keywords that most closely reflect your research interest; click on “Select/Save Changes.”

Step 3: To return to the Profile Summary page, click the back button on your browser tool bar until you reach the page.

Step 4: Choose categories under “Used in SMARTS matching” (Applicant Types, Award Types, Geographical Restrictions, Sponsor Types and Locations Tenable) to tailor search criteria for more targeted SMARTS matches.

  • Click “Add New” from applicable categories.

  • Enter desired information

  • Click “Save” when complete

  • Click “Return” and continue with other categories as needed.

Step 5: When profile is complete, click “Log Out.”

GENIUS/SMARTS databases may require up to a day to create your profile, but once established, these are time-saving and effective tools for locating grant funding. Call us at 410-677-0047for assistance or more information.

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