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Intellectual Property (IP)

GSR research administrators are responsible for assuring that the terms and conditions of awards reflect, protect, and uphold the mission of this institution. Our objective is to protect the rights to data generated by investigators and researchers during the course of the sponsored project, protect the use of that data after the award period ends for education and further research purposes, and assure that the rights to intellectual property created during the course of the sponsored project are clearly understood by all parties.

GSR will identify and evaluate intellectual property concerns with the principal investigators (PIs) during the proposal stage. Since IP requirements are complex, inconsistent from sponsor to sponsor, and highly dependent on the nature of the agreement, there is open communication between the GSR, the Maryland State Attorney Generals Office for legal counsel and the University of Maryland at College Parks Office of Technology Commercialization located at

For most Salisbury University researchers the dissemination of the research outcomes is of primary importance. The right to disclose and publish research findings is a fundamental tenant of academic freedom. The right to control access to research data, the right to establish productive research relationships and collaborations with various sponsors, and the training and education of students are rights recognized by the University and GSR staff. SUs policy on Intellectual Property rights can be found at: Chapter 7-ResearchRv11-17-09

It will provide the user with definitions of terms, general provisions including patent ownership, and University revenue sharing guidelines.



Salisbury University (SU) is committed to complying with all applicable laws regarding copyright and patents. SU, as an institution devoted to the creation, discovery and dissemination of knowledge, supports (1) the responsible, good faith exercise of full fair use rights, as codified in 17 U.S.C.§107, by faculty, librarians, and staff in furtherance of teaching, research, and service activities; (2) copyright ownership for creative, non-directed works by faculty, staff, and students and University ownership of directed employment-related works; and (3) protection of ownership rights for creators of works that require a different ownership model. SU is further committed to providing educational activities for faculty, staff and students that are designed to explore the law of fair use, to provide guidance in the making of fair use determination and to create an understanding of copyright infringement law.

Copyright Ownership

With respect to ownership of copyrightable works by faculty, staff and students, the Universitys IP policy addresses works by category of traditional or non-directed works and directed works. A traditional work or non-directed work is a pedagogical, scholarly, literary, or aesthetic (artistic) work originated by faculty or employee resulting from non-directed effort. Such work may include textbooks, manuscripts, scholarly works, fixed lecture notes, distance learning materials, works of art or design, musical scores, poems, film, videos, audio recordings, software, or other works that have historically been deemed in academic communities to be property of their creator.

Directed works can involve exceptional use of institutional resources including University grants or gifts awarded in support of the works creation or a reduction in levels of teaching, service, or other University employment responsibilities. All sponsored or externally contracted works are disclosed to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research by contacting Dr. Clifton Griffin at 410-548-3894 or Determination of ownership is discussed in the Universitys IP Policy.

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