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DBID: 1862
Category: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Programs
Program: Biological Anthropology
Agency: National Science Foundation
Deadline: 4/5/2013
Description: Funding supports basic research in areas related to human evolution and contemporary human biological variation. Supported research areas include human genetic variation, human adaptation, human osteology and bone biology, human and nonhuman primate paleontology, functional anatomy, and primate socioecology. Senior proposals are due 8/2/13; 04/04/14; 12/5/14. Dissertation proposals are due 4/5/13; 12/6/13; 8/1/14.

See: for details.
Contact: Carolyn Ehardt, Program Director
Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences Division
4201 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22230
Tel: 703-292-7850
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