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DBID: 1674
Category: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Programs
Program: Nuclear Energy University Programs - General Scientific Infrastructure Support
Agency: U.S. Department of Energy; Idaho Operations Office
Deadline: 6/12/2013
Description: The funding agency seeks applications from U.S. universities and colleges for equipment and instrumentation infrastructure to support nuclear energy-related engineering and science teaching and research laboratories. The infrastructure requested by a university should be individual, discrete, and definable items or capabilities that will support, maintain, or enhance the university's or college's capacity to attract and teach high quality students interested in nuclear energy-related studies; build NS&E basic research or education capabilities; or facilitate the university's or college's capability to perform R&D that is relevant to DOE-NE's R&D mission. Approximately $2 million is available in support. U.S. colleges and universities are eligible to apply. Cost sharing is encouraged, but not required for projects below $250,000.

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Contact: Mark Payne
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