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Health and Mental Health Programs

DBID: 1560
Category: Health and Mental Health Programs
Program: Job Opportunity for Low Income Individuals Projects
Agency: Administration for Children and Families
Deadline: 3/29/2013
Description: Funding supports projects designed to address the economic needs of low-income individuals and families, including low-income refugees, asylees, Cuban/Haitian entrants, certain victims of human trafficking, and Special Immigrant Visa (SIVs) holders, through the creation of employment and business opportunities in low-income communities. Also supports projects that implement strategies for fostering self-sufficiency for low-income families and achieving sustained employment opportunities in low-income communities. Nonprofits are eligible. See for details.
Contact: Thom Campbell, Program Officer
Office of Community Services
Vienna, VA 22182
Tel: 800-281-9519
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