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DBID: 1319
Category: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Programs
Program: Grants Program
Agency: Mountaineers Foundation
Deadline: 5/1/2013
Description: The Mountaineers Foundation promotes the study of the mountains, forests and streams of the Pacific Northwest, and contributes to preserving its natural beauty and ecological integrity. The sponsor provides funding for modest, short-term projects consistent with those purposes. The sponsor supports: research about the natural environment: studies that will yield new data aimed at protecting Northwest wilderness and wildlife; biologic, economic, legal, or policy studies; direct educational programs and materials related to environmental preservation; lectures, conferences, and seminars; written or audiovisual awareness materials; curriculum or other instructional materials; publication of conference proceedings and journal articles; other fundable projects: seed or pilot studies that can be continued with funding from other sources; and selected capital improvement projects (e.g., restoration; assistance in purchasing equipment/materials).

Deadlines are as follows:

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Contact: Mountaineers Foundation
PO Box 25590
Seattle, WA 98165-1090
Tel: 206-701-9450
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