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Fiscal Grants Management & Compliance Office

Fiscal Grants Management & Compliance Office

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II. Quick Guide for Grant/Contract Award Management

Award Notification/Setup

  • Upon receipt of a signed notice or grant/contract award, the GSR-FGMO must obtain approval from the Vice-President of Administration & Finance to accept the award.
  • Once approvals are in place, the GSR-FGMO proceeds to setup the award, internally, by reviewing the award and its budget, reviewing the awards stated terms and conditions, completing necessary steps for file/budget setup and then having a project number assigned by the General Accounting Office.
  • Once the project number has been assigned, the GSR-FGMO will notify the project administrator/investigator (PA or PI) to schedule a required grant/contract entrance setup meeting to discuss terms and conditions, budget, reporting and allowable costs. No expenses shall occur on the new project until the PA/PI has met with the GSR-FGMO.

Project Expenditures

  • All requests for expending project funds must be submitted to the GSR-FGMO for approval.
  • The GSR-FGMO will forward approved project requisitions, work orders, employment and consulting contracts to the proper department for processing.
  • The GSR-FGMO maintains an internal excel ‘shadow’ spreadsheet on each of its projects and records every transaction being approved by this office as a paper obligation (before it is actually expended on PeopleSoft Financials).
  • PeopleSoft Financials (n-Vision reports) and internal shadow spreadsheets are reconciled monthly and copies e-mailed to the project PI/PA.

Project Reporting

  • Financial reporting to the sponsor for grant/contract projects are prepared, completed, approved and mailed to the sponsor, by the GSR-FGMO.
  • Programmatic reporting for grant/contract projects are completed by the project administrator (PA/PI) and can be submitted separately or with the financials.
  • Copies of all submitted reports must be maintained in the grant/contract files located in the GSR-FGMO for required retention and audit purposes.
  • It is the policy of this university to submit required reports on or before the required sponsor deadline.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • The P/A or P/I are responsible for the management and conduct of the research activities, including technical reporting activities.
  • All technical (programmatic) reports and project deliverables are the full responsibility of the P/A or P/I.
  • The P/A or P/I should initiate correspondence with the sponsor’s administrative or program manager to investigate possible programmatic or budgetary changes.  In all cases, the PI or PA should be familiar with the award terms and conditions.
  • All requests for budgetary changes must be submitted through the GSR-FGMO for approval before submission to the sponsor.