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Faculty Research

Salisbury University is deeply committed to providing faculty with opportunities to enhance career development as well academic programs through diverse research initiatives. SU’s faculty regard teaching their students as a top priority, and part of providing a world class education is providing faculty with opportunities to conduct relevant research in their chosen field.

Salisbury University’s Department of Graduate Studies and Research has a proven track record for procuring substantial research grants which benefit faculty and students as well as regional, national and international communities. Nearly 75% of all faculty research grant proposals submitted are awarded, a percentage which has climbed steadily since 2002. SU receives more than $3 million dollars annually from various private and public agencies, such as the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Higher Education.

Why is research so important to an institution that is generally recognized as a teaching university? By fostering a culture which values research as well as academic excellence, SU attracts faculty who are not just great post-secondary teachers, but also leaders in their fields. Faculty members who engage in external research projects bring their knowledge, findings and experience back to their classrooms to make their curriculum content even more relevant to their undergraduate and graduate students.

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