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Salisbury University offers one the most affordable Master of Social Work programs in Maryland. For those who wish to work in a variety of settings, including social service agencies, schools, hospitals, correctional facilities, community mental health centers and more, the M.S.W. accepts students with a wide range of undergraduate backgrounds. In Maryland, social workers are one of only three mental health professions that are licensed for practice. Full-time, advanced-standing students (who have an undergraduate degree in social work) may complete the M.S.W. in as little as two semesters. Flexible scheduling accommodates working adults and graduate students can take as few as two courses per semester. A strong network of field placement professionals ensures that each student’s unique goals are met. In addition to taking classes on the SU campus, students may enroll in M.S.W. offerings at Cecil Community College in North East, MD, the Eastern Shore Higher Education Center at Chesapeake College, the University System of Maryland in Hagerstown, MD and the Southern Maryland Higher Education Commission in California, MD.

The M.S.W. Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.