Graduate Studies & Research
Holloway Hall


The History Department’s M.A. program equips students with the critical thinking and research skills necessary for undertaking serious reflection on the human condition, thereby preparing them to succeed in challenging academic and professional environments. Small classes offer individualized attention and faculty support. Seminar courses in the evenings provide teachers and other nontraditional students with an excellent opportunity for continuing education and career development.

The M.A. program in history enjoys a diversity of faculty expertise, which enables it to offer areas of concentration in U.S., European and world history, and it is especially strong in the study of the Delmarva region, drawing upon the rich resources of the Lower Shore community and Salisbury University’s Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture. With its emphasis on research, reading and writing, the M.A. program in history not only activates in its students the intellectual dispositions crucial for professional advancement, but it also promises to foster in them a lifelong love of learning and appreciation for global diversity.