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Graduate Assistantship Forms

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GA Checklist

Graduate Assistant Contract

Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate/W4

SU Policy Sign-Off Sheet

Direct Deposit Authorization

Payroll Authorization Form

Grant Payroll Authorization (grant-funded positions)

Tuition Remission and Affidavit forms

FERPA Student Worker Security Agreement

I9 Form Must be completed on the first day of employment.

For Faculty/Staff

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GA Hiring Guidelines

Online form to post a GA position opening

GA Application

GA Evaluation Form


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Salisbury University Graduate Assistant Policy Handbook

The Office of Institutional Equity leads campus efforts to manage all aspects of the Fair Practices/AA programs, as well as Title IX compliance, and weaves the diversity strategy throughout the University, focusing on and impacting the needs of various constituencies: faculty, staff and students. For up-to-date copies of all Salisbury University policies please visit:

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For a current list of open graduate assistant positions, visit:

Graduate Assistantship Openings

STAFF/FACULTY: To post a graduate assistant position, visit:

Announcing a GA Vacancy

The graduate assistant role at Salisbury University is governed by the Salisbury University Graduate Assistant Policy Handbook prepared in pursuant to USM Policy III-7.11. This policy delineates all aspects of the graduate assistant hiring process, appointments, benefits, and the grievance process.

Graduate assistantships enhance student educational objectives by providing practicum-based experiences, including the development and application of teaching, conducting research and other skills, while advancing the mission of the University. Graduate assistantships also provide financial support in the form of stipends and tuition assistance to aid full-time or half-time degree-seeking students enrolled in post-baccalaureate degree programs.

Grad studentGraduate assistants are eligible to receive a stipend and tuition waiver of up to 18 credits per fiscal year (summer II, fall, winter, spring, and summer I). To be eligible for the tuition waiver, students must enroll for a minimum of six credits in both the fall and spring terms. Tuition is waived only for graduate courses applicable toward masters degree requirements. The tuition waiver does not include waiver of fees. The length of appointment may be for a single term, an academic year, 12- months or multiple years, based on the recommendation of the dean, department chair or graduate program director. A full-time assistantship requires a time commitment of approximately 20 hours per week, and a half-time assistantship requires about 10 hours per week. Hiring managers should discuss job duties, appointment length and anticipated time commitments with candidates prior to offering a position.

Graduate Students seeking other campus employment should contact Career Services for additional opportunities.

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