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Salisbury University’s Department of Nursing is currently offering the Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice degree to the first cohort of students, helping to address the growing need for doctorally prepared advanced-practice nurses.  The nursing faculty are currently transitioning to a Post-BS-DNP program in the fall of 2014.  D.N.P. graduates will have the skills needed to manage complex health care needs in a cost-effective and collaborative manner. The curriculum emphasizes the use of evidence-based practice and technology to guide administrative and clinical decisions, as well as policy development. D.N.P. graduates practice at the highest level, whether working with individuals, groups or organizations, and serve as leaders in health care in the state and region.

The Post-Baccalaureate DNP is designed for full-time students, with courses spread over 4 years, and approximately 10 credits taken each Fall and Spring semester. A course elective is also planned for the curriculum, with students encouraged to take an interdisciplinary course of their interest to enrich and /or develop their plans for their DNP Projects.