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The Master of Arts in conflict analysis and dispute resolution is a new program that addresses the growing need for highly skilled conflict resolution practitioners to work within judicial, governmental, social service and private sector systems. This is a quickly growing field, with governments and corporations increasingly using mediation and other conflict resolution processes in their day-to-day operations. Students with any undergraduate major can pursue the degree.

Courses for this program are taught in a cohort, over two years and are offered primarily in the evenings. The program is closely integrated with the Center for Conflict Resolution, which functions as a ‘teaching hospital,’ offering extensive opportunities for students to get involved in both research and practice. The academic and clinical faculty work closely with students, ensuring that each student gains valuable hands on experience in the field, specifically tailored to their individual career goals.

The curriculum mixes strong practice skills with theory knowledge, providing a well-rounded education that allows students to apply theory in the real world. The curriculum also includes a strong emphasis on research skills for those students planning to continue their post-graduate study. www.conflict-resolution.org and www.salisbury.edu/cadr/MA