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Proud of our Stationed/Deployed Alumni


In efforts to show our pride and support for our deployed alumni, we would like to share some of their heroic stories with you.  As we receive them, we will post pictures and "spotlights" written by the alumni themselves.  There are probably several alumni who have been activated, however, we only know about a few.  If you know of an alum who has been activated, please let us know.  Call the Alumni Office at (410) 548-2074 or email

To meet the needs of our veterans on campus, a Committee for Veteran's Affairs has been established with Dr. Kathleen Scott as its Chair. And, a Student Military & Veterans Association Club has been created on campus this semester.  SU has launched a veterans affairs website at, which will be the link for veterans to find services geared to their needs and to connect them with fellow veterans on campus.

Troops receive many care packages during the holiday season but they require basics all year long.  If you wish to send a package, we suggest you do it after February.  The best things to send in a care package are toiletry items (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and deodorant) and candy/cookies. Stationary items are always good, but anything would be appreciated.

Salisbury University thanks all of our alumni who are deployed for the tremendous job they have done and will continue to do.  We wish them a safe tour of duty as well as a quick return home.  We are proud of you!

The 2007 first ever ROTC reunion was a success!  President Dudley-Eshbach, flanked by Provost Tom Jones and former President Norm Crawford with Maryland's Secretary for Veteran Affairs and original SSC ROTC cadre, General Jim Adkins, announced the reinstatement of the SU ROTC program

The Annual ROTC & Armed Services Reunion will be November 5, 2011.  Mark your calendars!

Click here to view Salisbury's ROTC PowerPoint slide show.  ENJOY!
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Click here to view pictures from the first reunion in 2007.

Click here to view pictures from the second reunion in 2008.

Click here to view pictures from the third reunion 2009.

Deployed til Oct 2010 Thomas McAvoy '92

 Spotlight on Cpt. Thomas Reigeluth '99

 Spotlight on Cpt. Nicholas A. Turner III '97

Spotlight on Cpt. Michael Goodenough '00

 Spotlight on Cpt. Lee Howard '98

Spotlight on Maj. Ed Wallace '97

 Spotlight on Cpt. Patrick Wallace '99

Spotlight on Cpt. Robert L. Miller '04

Spotlight on Cpt. Bobby Crocker '00

Spotlight on Spc. Julius Blattner '07 *Safely returned home May 2008!

Spotlight on Spc. Jon Frey '92 *Safely returned home May 2008!

Spotlight on Col. Mark Murray '85 *Safely returned home April 2008!

Spotlight on Lt. Scott Mayberry '04

Spotlight on Chad Tiede '01

Spotlight on Lt Col Leslie Knight '90

Spotlight on Maj. Jon Black '91*Safely returned home Summer 2009

Spotlight on LTC. Robert Beidleman '86