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MSGISM Program Mission

The launch of our Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Management degree was a direct response to the increasing value in using GIS technology to allocate scarce resources in support of informed policy decisions. Full integration of GIS into the workplace will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of geographic oriented activities, such as law enforcement, fire protection, marketing, land use, public health, resource allocation, transportation/logistics, etc.

The degree is designed to enhance the GIS proficiency of professionals working in business, government, and non-profit organizations. With such proficiency, these professionals will be well equipped to integrate and apply this new technology in their respective fields.
In some areas, the use of GIS has been well-established and even mandated. However, some government agencies and many businesses have been slow to embrace fully the new technology. This is due in large measure to the fact that in depth programs in GIS have only recently become widely available in American universities. People who completed their training just a few years ago did not have an opportunity to acquire a comprehensive background in GIS while they were in school. Thus, a major barrier to adoption of GIS has been a lack of professionals in the application fields who have significant skills in GIS. If these professionals had such a background, they would better understand the capabilities of GIS and would be equipped to supervise and interact meaningfully with GIS technicians.

This Master’s program is targeted at precisely those skilled in GIS problem-solving but lack the management experience necessary to advance in their career as well as those working professionals who could/did not acquire a GIS background as part of their primary training. It is designed to meet both groups’ needs while they continue to hold their position in their chosen field.

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