GIS Management
Holloway Hall

MS in GIS Management

Tuition and Fees (Spring 2014)


Application Fee (one-time):  $50

Other Fees (per credit hour): $76

In-state Tuition (per credit hour):  $342

Out-of-state Tuition (per credit hour):  $631

When taking a course at the University of Maryland, University College, in-state students will be charged an additional $152 per credit hour; out-of-state students will be charged an additional $103 per credit hour.  This amount is the difference in tuition charged at UMUC and SU.  The maximum number of credit hours that may be take from UMUC is nine, currently students are required to take 1 course at UMUC

Given the program is 34 credits, the total tuition and fees will be approximately:

In-state student: $14,212

Out-of-state student: $24,038


When budgeting, be sure to include an allowance for books, hardware, software, and room/board if appropriate


Check here for the most current information regarding tuition and fees

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