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Department of Geography & Geosciences

BS in Geography: Environmental/Land Use Planning Track

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Why specialize in Environmental/Land Use Planning?

Are you concerned about controlling urban sprawl, protecting fragile environments, fostering sustainable communities, promoting economic development, protecting America's dwindling farmland, preserving our nation's history, developing better transportation systems, making decisions about the location of residential subdivisions, shopping centers, and other activities? If you are interested in finding solutions to problems like these, you may want to consider specializing in the Department's environmental/land-use planning track.

Our Alumni

Over the years, many students have benefited from specializing in environmental/land-use planning. For example, several dozen alumni currently serve as practicing professional planners with city, county, or state planning departments. Quite a number of these have assumed leadership positions, such as director of planning. Many other alumni enjoy careers in the private sector, working with various agencies and consultant firms that provide planning expertise in diverse areas (real estate planning and development, resource management, economic development, environmental protection, transportation, GIS applications, etc.)

What is the Program of Study?

We have a long and successful tradition of providing our majors with opportunities to specialize in planning --- particularly environmental and land-use planning. Upon completion of this track, not only will you be a well-trained geographer with a solid background in planning concepts and techniques and a Bachelor of Science in Geography, but you will have further complemented and strengthened your undergraduate education in an academically responsible way. This will enhance the range of career opportunities available to you upon graduation, or serve as an excellent foundation for pursuing a graduate degree in planning.

A significant proportion of majors in the Department select environmental/land-use planning as their specialization. Many who specialize in planning complement their training by also completing the track in geographic information science (see the GIS track).

Coursework Required:

General Education Requirements

Geography Core Requirements

Track Requirements

Required course:

Complete at least three courses from the following:

Complete two courses from the following:

Recommended electives:

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