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Signing Authority Policy

Signing authority is the authority assigned to SU employees to allow them to approve expenses charged to their departments and projects (i.e., grants, fellowships).  Budget Administrators (BAs) by default have signing authority for their respective departments and projects.  This allows BAs to approve SU requisitions, work orders, expense accounts and any other documents that result in expenses being incurred.

BAs can delegate signing authority to Exempt employees at the BA’s discretion.

BAs can delegate signing authority to Non-Exempt employees within the following grades and dollar limits:

Non-Exempt Employees Grades 01-06: $0 signing authority

Non-Exempt Employees Grades 07-09: Upper limit of $1000, unless noted below

Non-Exempt Employees Grades 10-11: Upper limit of $2500, unless noted below

Non-Exempt Employees Grades 12-16: Upper limit of $5000, unless noted below

Below are examples of more common Non-Exempt job titles with the authority limit.  If you don’t see a specific job title below, follow the limits based on the Non-Exempt grade above.

Account Clerk I and II (Grades 04 and 06) – $0

Account Clerk III (Grade 08) – Limit of $1000 

Accounting Associate (Grade 09) – Limit of $1000

Administrative Assistant I and II (Grades 08 and 09) – Limit of $1000

Buyer I (Grade 10) – $0 (segregation of duties issue)

Buyers Clerk and Buyers Clerk Sr (Grades 06 and 07) – $0 (segregation of duties issue)

Executive Administrative Assistant I and II (Grades 10 and 11) – Limit of $5000

Executive Administrative Assistant III (Grade 13) – Limit of $5000

Food Service Aide I and II (Grades 02 and 03) – $0

Food Service Specialist (Grade 10) – Limit of $2500

Food Service Supervisor (Grade 06) – $0

General Assistant and General Associate (Grades 07 and 08) – $0

Groundskeeper (Grade 02) – $0

Housekeeper, Housekeeper Lead, Housekeeping Supervisor I (Grades 02, 03, 06) – $0

Housekeeping Supervisor II (Grade 08) – Limit of $1000

HVAC Mechanic II (Grade 14) – Limit of $5000

IT Support Associate and IT Support Specialist (Grades 14 and 15) – Limit of $5000

Library Services Assistant (Grade 04) – $0

Library Services Specialist (Grade 10) – Limit of $2500

MT Maintenance Mechanic and MT Maint Mechanic Sr (Grades 07, 08) – Limit of $1000

MT Maintenance Mechanic Lead (Grade 10) – Limit of $2500

Office Clerk I and II (Grades 03 and 05) – $0

Office Supervisor I and II (Grades 07 and 08) – Limit of $1000

Office Supervisor III (Grade 10) – Limit of $2500

Police Communications Operator (Grade 08) – Limit of $1000

Program Management Specialist (Grade 10) – Limit of $2500

Program Administration Specialist (Grade 12) – Limit of $5000

Security Guard (Grade 04) – $0

Storekeeper I, II and III (Grades 04, 06 and 09) – $0 (segregation of duties issue)

Exceptions to Non-Exempt signing authority limits can be requested by the BA to the AVP of Administration and Finance (Tony Pasquariello as of 2/15/17).

Signing authority is managed by the Accounting Office using a form on the signing authority webpage ( that requires the BA and any designees to sign.  The BA must indicate the prescribed signing authority amount (subject to the limits of the Non-Exempt grade and position) based on the above.

Any signing authority delegations may be disapproved by the AVP of Administration and Finance.

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