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Departmental Transfers


Work Order Copies

Rules of Thumb

Error Correction

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Inter-departmental transfers are necessary when one department performs a service for or funds the activity of another department.  Work orders are used to process the transfers between the departments.

Sometimes both departments will complete a work order for the transfer.  Other times, only one work order is submitted for the transaction.  General Accounting can process the work order(s)  as long as the budget administrator (or designee) of the department to be charged has approved the transfer.

In order to accurately process the departmental transfer, certain information is required on the work order.  The following boxes on the work order must be completed:

1 - Requesting Dept: Refers to the department  completing the work order.

2 - Requesting Dept. Accounting Code:  Refers to the 6 digit PeopleSoft department code of the requesting department.

3 - Requested by:  Refers to the name of the person requesting the transfer.

4 - Date:  Refers to the date of the request.

5 - Approved by:  Refers to the signature of the budget administrator (or designee) of the department to be charged.  If departments are completing separate work orders, then the budget administrator (or designee) of the department receiving the funds can also approve the transfer.

6 - 2nd Date Field:  Refers to the approved date.

10 -  Description of Work/Telephone:  Describe in detail aspects of the transfer, including the 6 digit PeopleSoft department numbers and names of the departments to be charged and credited, the reason for the transfer, and the amount of the transfer.  Include the telephone number of a contact person.

Sample Work Order (PDF)

Work Order Copies

Work orders are 6 part forms.  The canary copy should be kept on file in the originating department  The white copy should be sent to the department being charged.  If the originating department is the office being charged, then send the white copy to the department being credited so they have a file copy.

The blue and green copies should be forwarded to Debbie Kinnamon in Holloway Hall Room 217.  Once the transfer has been processed, the green copy is sent to the charged department.  The blue copy is retained by General Accounting.

Rules of Thumb

Departmental transfers must conform to the normal expenditure standards imposed by the State.  For example, transfers cannot involve the purchase of alcohol.  More practical to the University is the prohibition of food and event services being charged to state-support accounts.  (i.e., 6 digit departments beginning with a "1").  Food and event services can generally only be charged to auxiliary accounts (i.e., 6 digit accounts beginning with a "3") or agency accounts (i.e., 6 digit departments beginning with a "9").

General accounting will process the departmental transfers in the current month as long as they are received by the 20th  of the month.  Transfers received after that time will appear on the reports the following month.

Error Correction

Generally, work orders should not be used when a department was charged in error.  Under these circumstances, it is more acceptable to send an email to the appropriate person.  This email should be sent by the budget administrator or designee of the department that will be charged.

For instances where a vendor payment or expense account was charged to the wrong department or account, please send an email to stating the correct department and/or account, include the purchase order (if applicable), the batch reference number and dollar amount.

For instances where incorrect charges involve Central Stores, Duplication, Motor Pool, Publications, or any charge not paid through Accounts Payable (as described above), send an email to General Accounting and document the problem, account numbers, and amounts.  Any copies of reports showing the incorrect charged would expedite the corrections.

Any incomplete or incorrect work orders will be returned to the originating department.  Your help in submitting complete and correct work orders is most appreciated.  If you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact General Accounting.

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