Fulton School of Liberal Arts

Liberal Education

Not so long ago, champions of the liberal arts education stressed the development of the intellect for its own sake and rejected any practical purpose it might serve.  It must have been nice not to worry about how to make a living!  But that attitude also overlooked the fact that the development of the mind is critical to professional success and to realizing our potential as human beings.  Today we call it liberal education, recognizing its embrace of all academic disciplines.  We offer it to a much broader and more diverse population, precisely because it is essential for continued economic growth in an increasingly competitive world, and because it is vital to our free and democratic society.  Liberal education teaches us to be independent, rational and creative thinkers, and it equips us with skills in research, analysis and communication that we need to be successful in a knowledge-based economy.  As part of its Liberal Education, America’s Promise initiative, the Association of American Colleges and Universities identifies learning outcomes that should inform every undergraduate program.

The Fulton School plays a major role in the liberal education of all Salisbury University students.  Additionally, about forty percent of Salisbury University students graduate with Fulton School majors.  Comprised of twelve academic departments, we offer major and minor programs in the visual and performing arts, the humanities and most of the social sciences.  Some of our fastest growing major programs are truly interdisciplinary in nature, including Environmental Studies, International Studies and Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution.