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Adventures in Ideas: Humanities Seminars 2013-2014

Sponsored by the Fulton School of Liberal Arts and the Whaley Family Foundation.  Adventures in Ideas seminars feature outstanding faculty from the Fulton School of Liberal Arts exploring important social, cultural, or moral topics.

.: Humanities Seminars :.

Cost (including coffee, snacks & lunch): $30 each or $75 for all three

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For more information and to communicate special dietary needs contact the Fulton School Dean’s Office, Donna Carey at 410-543-6450 or dmcarey@salisbury.edu

Islands Out of Time

with Professor of Practice Tom Horton and
Photographer David Harp

As polls continue to register a wide range of opinions on the subject of climate disruption, our own distinctive Chesapeake Bay communities face wrenching dilemmas as storms, sea levels and some measure of human agency threaten their very existence. Environmental writer Tom Horton and photographer David Harp present the unique qualities of places like Smith Island and Tangier Island while laying out the challenges that they -- and we -- face.

* * *

Gunfighter Nation: Violence and Nonviolence in America

with Professor Emeritus Donald Whaley

The Newtown Massacre and the Boston Marathon bombing are recent tragic manifestations of the enduring challenge of violence in American violence.  This seminar explores both the history of violence in America, with special attention to the JFK assassination on its 50th anniversary, as well as the American tradition that has offered a nonviolent alternative.

* * *

Alfred Hitchcock: Sight, Sound, Impact

with Drs. David Johnson, Elsie Walker and James Burton

Three noted Salisbury University film scholars return to explore the works of one of cinema’s most renowned auteurs, with a focus on the distinctive style of the “Master of Suspense,” his musical collaboration with composer Bernard Herrmann and the influence of his work both in America and globally.

* * *