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Adventures in Ideas: Humanities Seminars

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Cost (including continental breakfast & lunch): $30 each or $75 for all three seminars.

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For more information and to communicate special dietary needs contact Donna Carey in the Dean's Office: 410-543-6450,

Sponsored by the Fulton School of Liberal Arts and the Whaley Family Foundation.  Adventures in Ideas Humanities seminars feature outstanding faculty from the Fulton School of Liberal Arts exploring important social, cultural, or moral topics.

2017-2018 Seminars

The Reformation: A Revolution that Changed the Western World

with Drs. Jennifer Liston and Kristen Walton

On 31 October 1517, Martin Luther famously nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the All Saint's Church in Wittenberg, Germany, starting a revolution that changed the face of Europe and continues to influence the 21st century world.  To commemorate the 500th anniversary of this event, art historian Dr. Jennifer Liston and historian Dr. Kristen Walton will explore the art, culture, politics, and society of the Sixteenth Century Reformations, from Luther and Calvin to Dürer and Tintoretto.

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Emergence of the United States as a Global Power

with Drs. Emily Story and Steven Gehnrich

With its victory in the Spanish-American War in 1898 the United States became a global economic and military power, and its participation in the First World War secured that position. One hundred years after World War I, historians Emily Story and Steve Gehnrich explore how the United States secured global prominence by looking to its early interventions in the circum-Caribbean and Pacific and the experiences of American soldiers in “the Great War”.

* * *


A Philosophical Conversation About Addiction and the Sobering Wisdom of Recovery

with Dr. Jerome Miller

The current opioid crisis makes it tempting to think that what is deepest in human beings is the craving for intoxicating pleasure that drugs can provide. But is there not hidden within each of us and within every addict a profound longing for something more and something else than this? If so, what is this “something more”?  And how are we to free the longing for it that is in us from the addictions that suffocate it? These are the kind of issues we’ll explore in this conversation-style seminar. As we do so, we’ll consider some of the insights that our philosophical traditions and Twelve Step spirituality offer us.  

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