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Fulton Reform University Syllabus Statement

All Fulton enhanced syllabi must include the statement below.  Fulton faculty should cut and paste this statement into their enhanced syllabi (ideally somewhere on the first page of each syllabus) and fill in the course and program information.

******* XXX is an "enhanced" course; that is, a course that might traditionally be offered for 3 credit hours, but which, within the context of both the newly reformed ******* program and the Fulton School's overall curriculum reform initiative, is being offered here in a 4-credit context.  The main purpose of the Fulton reform and the courses in it is to engage students more in the individual courses they take and, as a result, provide students with a deeperand often more active—learning experience and encounter with the subject at hand.  All "enhanced," 4-credit courses in the Fulton School will require significantly more—and sometimes different—work than they might (or used to) require as 3-credit courses.  For more information on the Fulton reform and "enhanced" courses, and what both mean to you, as a student, please visit the Fulton reform student website.

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