Fulton School of Liberal Arts


Listed below are several SAMPLE syllabus packets, all of which have already been approved by FCC and UCC.  These packets represent just a small sampling of the hundreds of pre-existing Fulton 3-credit courses that have been enhanced and converted to 4-credit courses.  In most cases, the packets are provided here via three separate pieces: 1) an enhancement cover sheet; 2) the old, 3-credit syllabus; and 3) the enhanced, 4-credit syllabus, as is the case when they are submitted to FCC and UCC.  Enhancement-related changes and additions to a course are addressed in the enhancement cover sheet and then also appear bolded or otherwise emphasized in the enhanced syllabus.  (Note: Many, if not most, enhanced syllabi also have other, non-enhancement-related items bolded, as any standard syllabus might, so this  can sometimes be a bit confusing; comparing the enhanced syllabus with the enhancements mentioned in the cover sheet usually solves this problem--in other words, the whole thing should be viewed as a package.  Also, the enhancement-related bolding/emphasis will not appear on the syllabus when the enhanced, 4-credit version of the course is offered; it is included at this point simply to help make it easier for FCC, UCC and all other readers to distinguish between the old, 3-credit version of the course and the new, enhanced version).

This collection is by no means complete with regard to the full range of enhancement possibilities and strategies for enhanced Fulton courses.  No further examples of enhanced syllabus packets will not be added to this page following Spring Semester 2009, however, as virtually all Fulton courses have now passed through this process.  This page will remain available, however, for the foreseeable future.

Syllabi With Cover sheet, Previous Syllabus and New Enhanced Syllabus