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Study Abroad

Study Abroad Opportunities

Fulton-based short-term study abroad programs. Fulton faculty have developed and direct, on-site, several short-term study abroad opportunities for students of all majors, covering a variety of countries, disciplines, subjects, languages and cultures. These opportunities range from 4-week winter programs, to 4-6 week summer programs, and study abroad trips incorporated into one of the Fulton School’s new 4-credit courses (as well as one one-credit, stand-alone Spring Break course experience). Below is a list of current Fulton short-term study abroad opportunities and links (the links provide detailed program information, including contact information for each program’s faculty director):

Semester programs. Spending a semester abroad is made easy via semester program offerings provided to SU students via the exciting exchange agreements SU has made with the universities listed below. In most cases, students may take courses taught in English (the Spain program is the one exception, where a degree of Spanish knowledge, depending on the course level and specific program, is required) and in all cases, all course work is fully coordinated with existing courses at SU; all grades go into the student’s GPA (these are not considered transferred courses, in other words, since attending one of our foreign partner institutions is viewed as attending another campus, or extension, of SU…only in another country and culture!); and the cost for these programs is only a bit more than the in-state cost of studying and living on campus in Salisbury! The programs outlined below are heavily Fulton-based and fully integrated with course work in Fulton’s area studies programs (Latin American Studies, European Studies, and—coming soon—Asian Studies: China) and the School’s Spanish programs (major and minor), but students, in most cases, may also take courses outside of these programs, as well as outside of the Fulton-based disciplines. For more information on these programs, please contact the program directors listed on each site, or contact Dr. Brian Stiegler in the SU Center for International Education (410.334.3495).

Other study abroad opportunities. SU students may also study abroad via a wide range of non-SU/Fulton-based programs offered by several study abroad providers with which the University is an affiliated partner. Participation in programs offered by non-affiliated study abroad providers may also be approved by SU on a case-by-case basis. For more information regarding the aforementioned affiliated partners, and study abroad in general, please click on the SU Center for International Education (SUCIE) links below:

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