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The Fulton School and The International Century

Global Experiences

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Global Experiences Presentation

The 21st century has been called by some the international century, and indications that such is indeed the case, just a little more than a decade into the 2000’s, are all around us, and impossible—as well as unwise—for us to ignore. The internet, 24-hour news cycles, increased international travel, recent geopolitical shifts and circumstances, even cell phones and iPhones/BlackBerries/Droids, have all come together to make all of us international/global citizens. How fully and how well we are able embrace that citizenship—both now, and even more importantly, in the future—and contribute to the 21st century’s new, global landscape, as well as its effects on all matters closer to home, depends in large part on how well we, through our studies and experiences, learn about and experience, preferably firsthand, the world beyond our borders, as well as the cultural changes taking place within them.

With all of this in mind, the Fulton School of Liberal Arts, long a trailblazer in all things international at Salisbury University, has moved aggressively in recent years to become, truly, an internationalglobalized school, via both its many programs and course offerings on campus and the growing number of study abroad programs and opportunities around the world that it offers to both students and faculty. Fulton’s embrace of the international century is ongoing, as each year the School very deliberately adds—and will continue to add—more to its international lineup. The School also strongly encourages—and supports and facilitates—both students and faculty to take full advantage of the growing number of international opportunities, both on campus and, in particular, abroad.

The present website, via the menu in the box above, introduces students and faculty to the many current—and growing—international opportunities offered via the Fulton School. Students with questions about these opportunities should either email or call the contact person or home department mentioned in the description for each opportunity, or contact Salisbury University’s Center for International Education (SUCIE) at 410.677.5027 (regarding the various SU study abroad programs listed on the linked SUCIE website). Faculty with questions about potential international opportunities for them should contact Dr. Darrell Newton, Associate Dean, Fulton School of Liberal Arts, or 410.543.6442.

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