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On campus/Study Abroad Combination Programs

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On Campus/Study Abroad Combination Programs
  • Area Studies Minors
  • Spanish Major/Minor
  • International Studies
  • French Major

On-Campus/Study Abroad Combination Programs and On-Campus-Only Opportunities

SU students seeking to “go international” can begin right on campus via the many Fulton programs that focus on an international perspective. Here are some examples:

Area Studies Minors and the Spanish major/minor: Programs with fully globally integrated curricula (that is, programs in which students can seamlessly combine on-campus and foreign study at SU’s growing list of foreign partner institutions): The Fulton School has created two area studies minors—Latin American Studies  and European Studies that are both interdisciplinary and linked directly with foreign institutions with which Salisbury University has both student and faculty exchange agreements—Ecuador’s Centro de Estudios Interamericanos, in the case of Latin American Studies, and the University of Estonia, for European Studies. In these programs, students study the area in question via the perspective of multiple disciplines and can spend a semester abroad at a foreign institution that offers program-related studies, taught in English (as well as courses in and about the local language), courses that count for courses in SU’s catalog, with grades that count toward the student’s SU GPA, and all for little more than the in-state cost of studying and living on the SU campus! Of the minimum five courses required of the minor, students take one on campus and four during their semester at the partner institution and complete the minor in just two semesters (though students, of course, may take—and are encouraged to take—more than the minimum five courses). (Note: Students may also fulfill the minor’s study abroad requirement via a non-partner foreign institution, and in a study abroad stay of less than one semester—just one course taken abroad, during, say, summer or winter term, is enough to meet the minimum study abroad requirement of the minor—but because only nine transfer credits may count toward an SU minor, students who follow this route cannot complete the minor in two semesters.) Coming soon: Area studies minors—again with foreign partner institutions and exchange agreements—in
China and India!

Students who major or minor in Spanish at SU can spend a semester of fully integrated study at the Universidad de Málaga in Spain (also the site of SU’s Summer Program in Spain). Here, again, the courses offered in the program are coordinated with those offered in SU’s on-campus Spanish major and minor programs. All grades count toward the student’s SU GPA, the courses fit perfectly into the student’s SU major or minor, and all of this is available, again, for a little more than the in-state cost of studying and living on campus at SU for the semester! (This program also offers a semester of courses for beginning Spanish students, as well.)

The International Studies Major/Minor. SU offers an interdisciplinary International Studies major with tracks focusing on International Relations, Global Cultural Studies, and International Political Economy. A minor, without tracks, is offered as well. Both the IS major and minor require at least one course of study abroad, with approval of the IS program director (Dr. Greg Cashman—410-543-6247).

A wide variety of on-campus courses with an international focus. The Fulton School curriculum is full of courses, in virtually all of the School’s 12 departments, that explore things via an international perspective. Be it English, Political Science, History, Philosophy, virtually every course in the Department of Modern Languages and Intercultural Studies, or a whole host of courses in the other disciplines in the Fulton family, a student seeking an international focus or perspective can find plenty of opportunities to “go international” right here on the Salisbury campus.