Fulton School of Liberal Arts

International Opportunities for Fulton Faculty & Departments

Developing and directing a Fulton-based study abroad program.

Over the years, many Fulton-based and Fulton-initiated winter, summer and—in the new era of course enhancements—Spring Break study abroad programs have been launched, taking students from London to Ghana, and from Japan to Argentina.  What all these programs have in common is that they started with the idea of a Fulton faculty member, who took it upon himself/herself to develop the program from scratch and then accompany students abroad. The Fulton School—as well as SU’s Center for International Education—encourages and supports this entrepreneurial spirit regarding study abroad. If you have an idea for a program and would like to discuss pursuing it, please contact Associate Dean Brower (khbrower@salisbury.edu or 410-543-6442). More information regarding some of the details of getting such a program off the ground is also available at the Salisbury University Center for International Education website (just scroll down the linked page a bit to “Resources for Short-Term Faculty-Led International Programs”).  Getting a program off the ground and leading a group of students abroad is, admittedly, a good deal of work, but it a professional experience like no other!


Teaching Abroad

The Fulton School strongly encourages and supports faculty pursuing the opportunity to teach abroad. Just as study abroad provides students with unforgettable, even life-changing, experiences, so too does living and teaching abroad affect the faculty member who chooses to leave his or her professional and personal comfort zone for a semester or year to experience working and living in a foreign setting and culture. There is little or nothing more exciting, memorable, and even invigorating than living and working abroad. And with the new, full-fledged student-and-faculty exchange agreements in place with foreign partner institutions in China, Ecuador, England, Estonia, Ghana, Scotland and Spain, and more to come, identifying an opportunity to teach abroad for a semester or year, and the process involved in setting things up, has gotten much easier and significantly more “in-house.” But the opportunities to teach abroad are not limited to our new foreign partner institutions. There are multiple other avenues to teaching abroad. For more information regarding pursuing a teaching opportunity at one of our partner institutions, please contact Associate Dean Brower (khbrower@salisbury.edu or 410-543-6442). For more information regarding the aforementioned “other avenues,” including Fulbright and many others, please visit the linked Salisbury University Center for International Education webpage and scroll down to “Additional International Professional Development Opportunities for Faculty.”

Bring a Foreign Scholar to Your Department

With the new (initiated in 2009) J-1 Exchange Visitor Program in place at SU, Fulton departments have a wonderful opportunity to pursue sponsoring and bringing to campus both “Exchange Visit Short-Term Scholars” and “Exchange Visitor Professors” (and “Exchange Visitor Students” as well), from abroad. SU’s designation by the U.S. State Department as a J-1 Exchange Visitor sponsoring institution is a significant step in the globalization of our campus, but it is only useful if we take advantage of it. The Fulton School, as it continues to be a trailblazer in all things international on the SU campus, seeks to take full advantage of the J-1 Exchange Visitor opportunity. To that end, departments are strongly encouraged to consider the possibility of bringing an exchange scholar to campus. Please visit the linked   J-1 Exchange Visitor Program webpage for more information.  Departments considering pursuing a scholar via this program should contact Associate Dean Brower at khbrower@salisbury.edu or 410-543-6442 as early as possible in order to get the conversation and process started.