Fulton School of Liberal Arts

Fulton Faculty Grants

The Fulton School of Liberal Arts supports the professional development of its faculty, as manifested via research and other significant developmental activities that enhance teaching capabilities and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.  All fulltime faculty members in Fulton are eligible to apply.  Fulton Faculty Grants are supported through the Charles R. and Martha N. Fulton Endowment and through the indirect costs generated by faculty grant-writing activity.  The Fulton Faculty Grants Committee screens all applications.

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Application Deadlines for 2014-2015

Grants are awarded three times annually; reassigned time is awarded twice annually.  Applications must be received by no later than noon on the following dates:

  • Submit by September 30, 2014: For grants in support of work conducted between September 8, 2014, and January 12, 2015, or for Spring 2014 release/reassigned time.
  • Submit by January 13, 2015: For grants in support of work conducted between January 13, 2015, and April 13, 2015, or for Fall 2015 release/reassigned time.
  • Submit by April 14, 2015: For grants in support of work conducted between April 14, 2015, and September 29, 2015

Late or incomplete applications will be not considered.


  1. All Fulton Faculty Grant applications and all supporting documents (except Out-of-State Travel forms; more on this below) must be submitted electronically by using the "Submit Application" button at the end of the application form. Uploading instructions (regarding supporting documents) are located elsewhere in the application. Out-of-State Travel forms must be submitted via hard copy, with required signatures, directly to the Dean's Office by the application deadline. Please note that beginning in 2013-2014, a completed Out-of-State Travel form is required for all applications for projects that include travel, be it in or out of state.
  2. The online application does not offer a "Save" feature through which one may interrupt his/her work and return to it later.  With this in mind, please look through the complete application instructions and the application itself first and then return to the application  later, ready to cut and paste prepared text into it, upload appropriate documents, and submit the application--all in one sitting (it should only take 10 minutes or so, if one has the necessary text and materials ready prior to executing the application).  

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