Fulton School of Liberal Arts

Fulton Curriculum Committee (FCC)


Committee Members

Meeting Schedule

FCC Proposal Status:
 - 2013-14 (Excel)
 - 2012-13 (Excel)
 - 2011-12 (Excel)
 - 2010-11 (Excel)
 - 2009-10 (Excel)

Proposal Forms

Undergraduate  Curriculum Committee

The Committee Role

  • Receives curriculum proposals from departments.
  • Reviews proposals and submits approved proposals to the University Curriculum Committee (UCC).
  • Provides feedback and suggests revisions to the department chair for proposals that are not approved.

The Committee Composition

The committee has six voting members: five faculty serving two-year terms and one faculty elected by the Faculty Senate serving a three-year term as a representative to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. The School Dean or designee, Registrar or designee, Library Liaison, and Advising Services Coordinator shall be ex officio and non-voting members. The committee shall elect its chairperson annually.

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