Facilities Planning/Capital Projects
Holloway Hall


The Office of Facilities Planning is responsible for:

  • Developing and overseeing necessary strategic, facility and master plans for the University.
  • Updating the Campus Facilities Master Plans
  • Managing and directing all programs, plans, designs, budgets, schedules and construction for the University’s capital and system (USM) funded projects, as well as other large University projects.
  • Maintaining and updating the campus space inventory database.
  • Directing the design and construction of all capital, system funded and significant University funded projects.
  • Coordinating campus development with the University’s administration, as well as with the City, County and neighbors.
  • Conducting and/or overseeing Planning Studies (including Part 1 and Part 2 Facility Programs).
  • Acting as a representative of the campus to system and state officials regarding space needs and space planning.
  • Participating in special campus real estate purchases and development projects.
  • Managing the University’s Architectural and Engineering Services staff. Management shall include the design and oversight of support operations and maintenance projects.
  • Maintaining and updating archived facility records, documents and drawings (building floor plans, etc.)
  • Preparation of Documents for:
    • Physical expansion and modification plans for the campus.
    • Space utilization studies.
    • Space needs assessments (departmental and organizational).
    • Space management policies and procedures (in collaboration with the Facilities Management Advisory Committee (FMAC)).

* * *