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Task Force Membership

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Foundations of Excellence

SU Foundations of Excellence Task Force

Committee Membership

Project Coordinators
Sandra Cohea-Weible Academic Affairs 36330
Lawanda Dockins-Gordy Student Affairs 36100
Melanie Perreault Faculty 36267


Steering Committee Members

Alice Bahr  Library/Dean  
Kevin Carreathers Institutional Diversity  
Jane Dane Enrollment Management  
Mark Holland Henson/Biology Department Chair  
Heather Holmes Student Activities  
Kurt Ludwick Henson /Math  
Lucy Morrison Fulton/English  
Susan Muller Senate Rep/Seidel/Phys. Ed  
Darrell Newton Fulton/Comm. Arts  
Bryan Price Institutional Research  
Michael Vienna Athletics  
Kathleen Wright Perdue/Information Mngt  
Julius Jones Student  


Dimensions Committees

Group 1        (Philosophy, Transitions, Improvement)
*Brian Stiegler  Modern Languages  
**Melanie Perreault History  
Rob Hallworth International Education
Lisa Lantz Communications/Theatre Arts  
Nicole Munday English  
Gene White Psychology  

* Group Leader
** Steering Committee liaison


Group 2        (Faculty, Learning, Roles/Responsibilities)
*Arlene White Modern Languages
**Alice Bahr Library/Dean 
Mara Chen Geography
Becky Emery Career Services  
Agata Liszkowska International Student Services
Robert Martin Health/Phys. Ed
Donna Ritenour  Athletic Training

* Group Leader
** Steering Committee liaison


Group 3        (Organization, All Students, Diversity)
*Stephen Gehnrich Biology  
**Kevin Carreathers Institutional Diversity  
William Folger Music  
Lance Garmon Psychology  
Byron Hughes Housing & Residence Life  
Laura Thorpe Admissions  

* Group Leader
** Steering Committee liaison









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