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Dr. Vinita Agarwal

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Associate Professor of Public Relations, Department of Communication Arts

Vinita Agarwal salisbury university


Dr. Vinita Agarwal (Ph.D., 2009, Brian Lamb School of Communication, Media, Technology, and Society, Purdue University, USA) is an Associate Professor of Public Relations at the Department of Communication Arts in Salisbury University, Maryland, USA (Website: Link

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Research Statement

Dr. Agarwal's research focuses on strategic communication in the area of message design for public health campaigns and organizational relationships. Her research seeks to understand healthfulness, healing, and health behaviors at the community, practitioner, and individual levels to improve health-related outcomes.  

Upcoming Translational Online Publications

Agarwal, V., & Buzzanell, P.M. (2016, February). Performing resilience labor to reintegrate after disaster. Communication Currents.

Recent Publications (2011 onward): 

Agarwal, V., & Buzzanell, P.M. (2015). Communicative re-construction of resilience labor: Identity/identification in disaster-relief workers. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 43(4), 408-428. Doi:10.1080/00909882.2015.1083602

Agarwal, V. (2014). A/H1N1 Vaccine Intentions in College Students: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior. Journal of American College Health, 62, 416-424. Doi:10.1080/07448481.2014.917650

Agarwal, V. (2013). Investigating the construct validity of organizational trust. Journal of Communication Management, 17, 24-39. Doi:10.1108/13632541311300133

Agarwal, V. (2011). Investigating the contribution of benefits and barriers on mammography intentions of middle class urban Indian women: An exploratory study. Communication Research Reports, 28, 1-9. Doi:11080/08824096.2011.586254

D’Silva, M.U., Leichty, G.B., & Agarwal, V. (2011). Cultural representations of HIV/AIDS in Indian print media. Intercultural Communication Studies, 20, 75-88.

Recent book chapters have appeared in the following edited collectionsStrategic communication, Vol. III. Discursive and dialogic organizations and the stakeholder view: Social constructionism and functional perspectives (Sage), Strategic urban communication, health communication and mass media: An integrated approach to policy and practice, and South Asian technospaces.

Dr. Agarwal also serves as an ad hoc reviewer for prestigious public health and communication journals including the American Journal of Public Health, Journal of Applied Communication Research, Health Education Research, Communication Studies, Management Communication Quarterly, Health Education and Behavior, and Communication Quarterly among others.

Images from the maternal health study (funded by Faculty Research Mini-Grant, 2011):

maternal mortality migrant women india agarwal maternal mortality basti india agarwal maternal mortality agarwal india maternal mortality india agarwal basti india agarwal maternal mortality maternal mortality india agarwal maternal mortality india agarwal maternal mortality india agarwal

Data-gathering in computer lab for tanning behaviors in undergraduate females with my two research assistants, Devon Clark and Savannah Isner:

Data gathering experiment tanning Survey instructions lab tanning vinita agarwal salisbury university tanning vinita agarwal salisbury university

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Teaching Statement

Professor Agarwal teaches courses in strategic communication with a specific interest in technology and the digital realm.

Current and Past Courses Taught

CMAT 490: Communication Senior Seminar* (Advanced Digital PR Principles)

CMAT 465: Communication Technology (Course website: Link)

CMAT 447: International Public Relations (Course website: Link)

CMAT 445: Digital Public Relations (Course website: Link) Twitter hashtag: #VASocialMediaPR (Link)

CMAT 394: Studies in JPR* (past offerings include Digital Crisis Communications)

CMAT 344: Writing for the Professions (Course website: Link)

CMAT 240: Introduction to Journalism and Public Relations

*Offered by individual faculty members per departmental need.

All her courses privilege an applied philosophy and engage students in an immersive understanding of the concepts. Courses are designed to integrate technology and strive to apply m-learning, individual learning styles, and blended learning principles.

Workshop certificates from SU's Sloan-C Online Learning Consortium: 

mobile learning apps in education

multimodal learning

quality in online teaching, and 

assessment techniques in social media 

Spring 2016 Courses: 

CMAT 465: Communication and Technology (T/TR, 9:30am--10:45pm, TE 277) Syllabus

CMAT 240: Introduction to Journalism and Public Relations (T/TR, 12:30pm--1:45pm, TE 110A) Syllabus

CMAT 490: Communication Seminar (W, 5:30pm--8:15pm, TE 153, team-taught pilot course format with Dr. Burns and Dr. DeWitt, Spr '16)

Office Hours, Spring 2016:

T/TR, 11:00 am--12:15pm and 2:00pm--3:15pm

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Service Statement

Dr. Agarwal currently serves as a member of the SU Student Research Conference (SUSRC, Link), the Fulton School Sustainability Committee, as the Communication Arts department's Tenure and  Promotion committee member, as the departmental faculty co-advisor for the communications honors society, Lambda Pi Eta, besides serving on ad hoc departmental Communication Seminar restructuring and track review committees.  

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In her spare time, Dr. Agarwal loves to spend time with her family cooking, hiking, and playing with her very naughty chocoloate lab, Scout. 

Family Instagram Album (Link)

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