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Archive of Emails Sent Out to ENVR Majors/Minors

Since students frequently ask about our numerous job/internship/event/volunteer emails long after they are sent out, we are cataloguing them here--in reverse chronology, from most-recent to oldest--for your reference.


Wed July 31 Job Alerts

Hey All, Here are a number of possible ENVR positions, most from SU Career Services—

Best of luck, Mr Nelson   ENVR Studies

1)    Watershed Field Coordinator and TMDL Program Support Position. The New River-Highland Resource, Conservation and Development Council, a nonprofit citizen based organization, is seeking qualified applicants to fill one (1) Watershed Field Coordinator position.

Position#NR-H02- Roanoke, VA

LOCATION: Position NR-H02 will be located in the DEQ-Blue Ridge Regional Office, Roanoke, Virginia.


Duties and responsibilities of the position include: developing and implementing nonpoint source pollution reduction strategies by outreaching to local landowners, local governments, citizen groups, and state and federal agencies through the total maximum daily load (TMDL) program including the TMDL study process, development of watershed implementation plans, public input facilitation, and grants and project management.


A successful applicant will have the following knowledge, skills, and abilities: Environmental science and engineering principles, hydrology, chemistry, aquatic biology or ecology, statistics; knowledge of the total maximum daily load program, laws, and regulations; oral and written communication skills; group facilitation skills; skills in computer applications such as geographic information systems, spreadsheets, databases, and word processing; and program management. Must be sensitive to public attitudes and concerns while effectively carrying out the agency mission and the ability to work in groups as well as independently. Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in environmental science or other natural resource related fields is preferred.


These positions are federally grant funded through a grant agreement with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. This position is funded through restricted grants funds and is contingent upon federal and state grant funds.


The position is full-time (40 hours per week) during the typical work hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. A flexible schedule differing from normal work hours may be available. Successful applicants will be required to do some overnight traveling as well as attend evening meetings.


Salary range is $30,000 to $45,000 based on experience and skills. Benefits are limited and will be discussed with the successful candidate. Leave and other fringe benefits, such as teleworking, will be available after a successful probationary period.


Applications will only be accepted as hard copy delivered by mail or in person. Please submit a standard Virginia Employment application form and a resume to New River-Highlands RC&D Council to the contact information below.


For more information, please contact Gary Boring, Coordinator, New River-Highlands RC&D at (276) 227-0536 or gboringnrhrcd@centurylink.net

Please mail applications to:

New River-Highlands RC&D

Attention: Gary Boring

325 East Main Street, Suite E-2

Wytheville, VA 24382

Applications must be postmarked no later than August 19, 2013.


2)    TROUT UNLIMITED. AmeriCorps Position: Water Quality Monitoring Program Coordinator . September 2013 – August 2014 . Location: Thomas, WV


Trout Unlimited is partnering with the Appalachian Forest Heritage Association and the West Virginia Rivers Coalition to offer this AmeriCorps position opportunity. To find out more about the project position, the AmeriCorps program, and for instructions on how to apply for the position, please visit the Appalachian Forest Heritage Association website. Please note: the application process for the TU position closes August 9, 2013.


Trout Unlimited’s (TU) mission it to conserve, protect, and restore North America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. Founded in 1959 in Grayling, Michigan by a group of anglers who successfully sought to change the state’s reliance on hatchery production of trout into a program that focused on protecting and restoring fish habitat, today TU is the nation’s largest grassroots coldwater fishery organization. TU’s vision is to ensure, by the next generation, that robust populations of native and wild coldwater fish once again thrive within their North American range, so that our children can enjoy healthy fisheries in their home waters. To accomplish this vision, TU employs a comprehensive strategy to protect the highest quality trout and salmon habitat, reconnect high quality habitats with restored areas downstream through the augmentation of instream flows and barrier removals, restore degraded habitats so that they again support healthy trout and salmon populations, and sustain progress by educating and motivating a future generation of environmental stewards. TU works on a local, state, and national level through an extensive volunteer network and dedicated staff. TU has approximately 150,000 members organized into more than 400 local chapters across the country. The AmeriCorps member will be located at our Thomas, West Virginia office.


Monitoring potential gas development impacts in coldwater trout streams is paramount for measuring the overall health of Appalachia’s water sources in West Virginia and Virginia. This is because many of these trout streams are the headwaters of the region’s major rivers, the rivers that supply millions of people with their drinking water supplies. Because everything flows downstream, the headwaters must be the first line of defense to prevent the overall degradation to Appalachia’s watersheds. TU and its West Virginia and Virginia councils are uniquely poised to monitor these critical areas—which are often out of sight of many due to their remote locations—because these are the very places where TU members and other anglers spend countless hours fishing. To protect these headwater areas, TU is building a cadre of trained volunteers to monitor the potential impacts of shale gas development along the coldwater streams and to gather baseline data for comparison, where drilling has not begun. Specifically, these volunteers are trained to collect baseline data and to alert TU, the company and the proper authorities to violations of state and federal laws as well as provide information on the water quality of specific stream reaches.

TU proposes to launch a volunteer-based water quality monitoring project, comprised of TU members and other interested anglers, in areas where shale gas development overlaps with important coldwater streams in West Virginia and Virginia. The project will take place largely in the area surrounding the

Monongahela National Forest, which contains over 90 percent of West Virginia’s native brook trout streams and approximately 600 miles of the state’s high-quality trout waters, and in the George Washington National Forest, which contains approximately 80 percent of Virginia’s public hunting lands and brook trout streams. Using our Conservation Success Index (CSI)—a geospatial analytical tool that assesses trout populations, trout habitat, past resource development, future resource development, and other factors to prioritize TU’s conservation, protection and restoration efforts—TU will identify high quality trout watersheds where gas resources are likely to be developed and recruit volunteers to monitor those watersheds. The overall goals of the project are to collect baseline water quality data in watersheds where shale gas development is not yet occurring and to identify potential pollution incidents in watersheds where shale gas drilling has begun. To achieve these goals, TU will initiate a water quality monitoring project to educate and train volunteers to (1) select monitoring sites based upon TU’s CSI analysis, (2) collect water quality monitoring data using basic equipment, (3) conduct visual stream assessments, (4) upload data to a central clearinghouse, and (5) to contact the company and authorities if a pollution event is expected. TU staff will work with the AmeriCorps member to launch the water quality monitoring project in West Virginia and Virginia.


TU staff will work with the AmeriCorps member to launch a water quality monitoring program for TU members and other interested anglers, in the areas of West Virginia and Virginia where shale gas development intersects with high quality trout watersheds from September 2013 through August 2014. Four to six water quality monitoring trainings will be organized by the AmeriCorps member and TU staff and conducted over the course of the member’s one-year term. For each training, the AmeriCorps member will conduct outreach to TU chapters, including potentially providing educational presentations to TU chapter meeting to explain the program and solicit interest in participating in monitoring. She or he will organize each training, including identifying a training location, publicizing the event to TU chapters, angling groups, and other interested parties, and preparing materials for the training. The AmeriCorps member will work with TU staff to train volunteers to conduct visual assessments of gas development impacts, and collect water temperature, conductivity, total dissolved solids, and water flow measurements. The AmeriCorps member will provide education to volunteers during each training, through PowerPoint presentations and hands-on exercises. Training materials have been prepared for Pennsylvania and will be adapted for use in West Virginia and Virginia. Following the training, the AmeriCorps member will provide technical and coordination support for volunteers.

To ensure that volunteers are actively monitoring and reporting data results, the AmeriCorps member will hold a monthly phone call for trained volunteers to discuss ongoing monitoring efforts, issues, and results. To facilitate use of reporting tools and to provide continuous support for volunteers, the AmeriCorps member will work with TU staff to create personalized data entry portals for each trained volunteer. The AmeriCorps member will be responsible for training TU volunteers on how to use the data portal and encouraging data entry on a regular basis.

Finally, the AmeriCorps member will conduct water quality monitoring on a regular basis, in the areas where there may be a gap in volunteer monitoring coverage due to lack of volunteers in a given area or because the stream is too far away from a volunteer’s home. The number of monitoring sites that will be assigned directly to the AmeriCorps member and the frequency of monitoring will depend upon a number of factors and will be determined after the project is initiated.


3)    Position Title:                     Wildlife Biology Internship

Number of Positions:                     1

Salary:                                                                                   $195 per week stipend

Location:                                                              U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Patuxent Research Refuge, Laurel, Maryland

Dates of employment:                  Runs August 26, 2013 - February 1, 2014

Qualifications:                                                   Must have well-developed communication skills and leadership ability and be able to work independently and as part of a team; experience working with hunters at hunter check stations and experience and knowledge in aging deer or identifying waterfowl preferred but will train.  Bachelor’s degree (or pursuing) in wildlife management, natural resources, or related field, is desired.  Knowledge of Microsoft Excel or Access required.  Although a work vehicle will be provided for official duties, applicants must have a personal vehicle.

Duties:                                                                                  Primary duties include opening or closing the hunt station, daily checking hunters in or out (except Sundays) during hunting season (September 1 – January 3, entails a sunrise or sunset shift); collecting biological data on all harvested wildlife (primarily deer and waterfowl); extracting deer jaw bones to harvested deer; interacting effectively with hunters, members of the hunt association, and volunteers to assure that quality data is collected.  Intern will also be responsible for summarizing and analyzing harvest data and communicating regularly with the Refuge Biologist.  Intern will also assist with other biological programs related to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service mission, such as waterbird survey, deer population analysis, bat program, invasive plant control, and native plant inventory and with various visitor services at the Visitor Contact Station.  Work schedule will be 40 hours a week, including weekends (two days off during week).

How to Apply:                                                   Send letter of interest, resume, and 3 references with phone numbers or email addresses by e-mail address below.

Closing Date:                                                                      Received by August 10, 2013

Contact Person:                                                Christopher Wicker

Address:                                                                              U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Patuxent Research Refuge

                                                                                                                12100 Beech Forest Road

                                                                                                                Laurel, MD 20708-4036

Internet:                                                                                                                                                              http://patuxent.fws.gov             

Email:                                                                                                    Christopher_Wicker@fws.gov

4)    MES Careers

In 1970, Maryland's Governor and legislators created Maryland Environmental Service to protect the State's air, land and water resources. Today, we continue to fulfill this vital directive.  We have no regulatory authority and we receive no direct appropriations. MES is a self-supporting, independent State agency, combining the public sector’s commitment to environmental protection with the private sector’s flexibility and responsiveness.

MES provides services at competitive rates to government and private sector clients and works on projects including water and wastewater treatment, solid waste management, composting, recycling, dredged material management, hazardous materials cleanup, storm water services and renewable energy. We provide expert engineering, monitoring and inspection services. With 764 diverse projects located in three states, we couple operational expertise with a commitment to strict environmental compliance and safe work practices.

Today, Maryland Environmental Service remains focused on finding innovative solutions to our region’s most complex environmental challenges and preserving our region’s natural resources for generations to come.

Maryland Environmental Service offers an excellent benefits package including 401(k); choice of health plans; vision and dental plans; sick, personal, holiday and annual leave; and competitive performance-based pay. In addition, MES offers a casual work environment, flexible work schedule and tuition reimbursement. The complete benefits package can be downloaded here.

A list of current career opportunities can be seen here: http://menv.com/pages/humanresources/careers.html?cx=000117932947799539465%3A_z4kpyshbam&cof=FORID%3A11&q=300687

To apply, please fill out the online application in its entirety. If you have any questions please contact the MES Human Resources Department or call 410-729-8230 or 1-888-403-8736.



Wed July 24 Two Fun Events this Weekend!

Hey all, Here’s a great way to help out the Assateague Coastal Trust and have fun at the same time—

Take care, Mr Nelson. ENVR

From: Coast Kids [mailto:coastkids@actforbays.org]
Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 8:02 AM
To: William Nelson
Subject: Two FUN Events This Weekend for Coast Kids



Don't Forget!  Fun Events This Week!


Quick Links

Register Now

Sign up for events online

Assateague Coastal Trust 






Dear Coast Kids families,

Hello from Germany!  I'm visiting my family and having a great time.  I wanted to remind you of two FUN, family events this weekend!  The Assateague Coastal Trust 'Isle of Wight Bay Wade-In' & Coast Kids crabbing day,  and also 'Benefit The Bays Day' at Jolly Roger.  See the links below.  Kim Quillin will be there at Isle of Wight Bay Park to greet all the Coast Kids.   


Sorry to miss this.  Hope all of you have lots of fun! 

Verena Chase   


Wade-in and Crabbing at the Isle of Wight Bay 

NEW! RACE FOR SWIMMABLE WATER - bring a blow up water toy and enter this free race on Isle of Wight Bay - see below.  


Time: 10 AM to 12 PM


Description: A wade-in is an unscientific check of water clarity. Retired Maryland State Sen. Bernie Fowler initiated the first one 20 years ago to check water quality in Maryland's bays and tributaries. The official wade-in measurement, known as the "Sneaker Index" measures how deep waders can go and still see their shoes. This event will start with the wade-in at the canoe/kayak launch area near the entrance to the park. Then we will walk back to the pier and catch crabs.

Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the beautiful Worcester County Isle of Wight Nature Park's picnic area, pier and trails! Be sure to bring sunscreen, hats, and old sneakers, or water sandals to protect your feet!

Number of spaces available: No limit! Please sign up for the event at www.actforbays.org/coastkids, or by calling the Assateague Coastal Trust office at 410-629-1538. Leave a message with your name, phone number, and number of participating kids.

The event is free for members and costs $3.00 per child for non-members. 


MORE FUN ADDED TO THE DAY!   ACT is going to have a fun water race just after the Wade-In, so everyone can jump in the water and cool off. Participants will paddle/swim around a short course in shallow water on an inflatable water toy to celebrate Swimmable-Fishable bays!! There will be trophies for a 'Kids Division' and a 'Grown Ups Division', made by local artist Patti Backer!  No pre-registration required.  Read more here.  







Date: Sunday, July 28, 2013


Time:  10:00 am to 6:00 pm


Take the family out for the day to Jolly Roger Amusement Park and help protect our Coastal Bays and support Coast Kids at the same time! 

Enjoy a deep discount off regular ticket prices and then enjoy a deep dive down the park's numerous water slides and other attractions.

Benefit the Bays offers discounted entry to Splash Mountain water park (10 am - 6pm) and to Jolly Roger's two mini-golf courses (10 am - 6 pm) and amusement rides (2 - 6 pm).  Play all day for just $30 per ticket - a huge savings off the park price!  Or save even more with 4 or more tickets at only $25 each.  No rain date or refunds.  Speedworld and Zip Line not included; limit two rides on the Wildmouse Rollercoaster.


Tickets are now on sale, and may be purchased by phone at (410-629-1538) or on the web at www.actforbays.org.  You may also purchase tickets at K Coast Surf Shop on 35th Street in Ocean City; The Green Room Beer and Wine on Rt. 50 in West Ocean City (1/2 block west of the outlets); Berlin Coffee House on Jefferson St. in downtown Berlin; and at the ACT office on Old Ocean City Boulevard in Berlin.


Remember - tickets are not sold the day of the event.  Order this week and you can pick up your tickets at the park on Sunday morning.  Or buy your tickets as late as Saturday July 27 at our Ocean City and Berlin ticket locations.


For more information, please visit www.actforbays.org or call 410-629-1538.







Forward email

Assateague Coastal Trust | P.O. Box 731 | Berlin | MD | 21811




Tuesday July 9 You're Invited! Get Out--Get Green--Get Paid

Hello all,    Here’s a great midsummer opportunity to have fun and perhaps land yourself an ENVR job! Carrie Samis of Md Coastal Bays asked me to distribute this to you. When I asked her about the getting-jobs part of the day, she said, “The speakers & agencies represented all have hiring power & are actively seeking seeking to diversify their workforce & connect young people with career opportunities.” Can’t beat that!

Take care,    Mr Nelson    SU ENVR

Hi there!

We have a big event coming up this Friday. If you happen to be in town & would like to join us, we'd love to have you!! Our morning speakers are FANTASTIC - at the leading-edge when it comes to connecting people of color to nature & conservation. Please let me know if you'd like to join us. You can reach me on my cell # if you have any questions - 443.523.0425.


-Carrie Samis

Maryland Coastal Bays Program


"Get Out. Get Green. Get Paid." Youth Summit

Friday, July 12

9:30 am - 3:00 pm

Roland E. Powell Convention Center

4001 Coastal Highway (40th Street, Bayside)

Ocean City, MD 21842

We'd love to have you join us for "Get Out. Get Green. Get Paid." Our Youth Summit, for over 160 Delmarva youth, will feature Rue Mapp, Founder of Outdoor Afro; J. Drew Lanham, Clemson Wildlife Ecology Professor & noted nature writer; Amtchat Edwards, U.S. Forest Service; and Marisol Moncado, MD Conservation Corps.
Presentations will begin at 9:30 am, followed by a suite of outdoor activities on Isle of Wight Bay in Ocean City. Join our youth for crabbing, clamming, kayaking, standup paddleboarding, birding, and more! Together, we'll learn more about connecting with nature, becoming better stewards, and getting paid to do it! Our special area of focus is diversity and inclusivity. Participants include UMES Upward Bound, Coastal Stewards, NPS Youth Conservation Corps, MD Conservation Jobs Corp, MD Conservation Corps, and more.


9:30 Welcome

9:45-11:45 Guest Speakers: Rue Mapp, Marisol Moncado, Amtchat Edwards, J. Drew Lanham

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-3:00 Outdoor Activities


To RSVP or receive more information, please contact Carrie Samis at csamis@mdcoastalbays.org.

We hope you can join us!

  Carrie Samis  Education Coordinator           csamis@mdcoastalbays.org

Maryland Coastal Bays Program  9919 Stephen Decatur Highway, Suite 4  Ocean City, MD 21842


Tuesday July 9 ENVR job in Chestertown MD

Hey all,

  Apologies for sending this out to everyone but I haven’t had a chance to clean up the email lists and move graduates to the “alumni” list--

   Here is an intriguing job possibility near Chestertown MD:

Take care, Mr Nelson ENVR 

Natural Lands Manager

Andelot Farm LLC is looking for a Natural Lands Steward to manage

approximately 600 acres not used in agriculture.

Andelot is a 2400 acre farm bordered by six miles of waterfront near

Chestertown, Maryland. The farm is in a Conservation easement.

There is a board of directors and a Farm Manager with support staff.

The non agricultural lands consist of hundred year old forests, lob lolly

plantings, wet woods and wooded swampland to tidal marshes at sea level

as well as set aside land planted in warm season grasses. Additionally

there are oyster shell middens created by prehistoric Native Americans

which change the local ecosystem through their creation of basic,

calcareous soils which need special consideration.

In 2012 there was a study done by Sylvan Kaufman, Ph.D. and Wayne Bell,

Ph.D on the Plant Communities and Bird Habitats. The study made

recommendations on how to improve these communities and habitats.

Andelot Farm is looking for an individual who can follow through on these

recommendations by developing a management plan and implementing it.

The manager would be required to keep a daily log and monitor ecological

conditions on the farm using the 2012 study as a guide line.

The manager must be able to take initiatives and work independently. Extra

help will be provided as needed.

The position would require:

Knowledge of native plants and birds of the area as required to to

preserve the lands in a natural state.


Knowledge of current trends and practices in conservation and ecological land management.

Fluency with the internet. A computer will be supplied.

Ability to support and work with all people who work on or visit the


Ability to remove exotic species and do species monitoring.


Help install and maintain deer fencing.

Ability to lift fifty pounds and stand for long periods.

A drivers license.

Ability to safely operate and maintain a wide variety of hand tools,

power tools, vehicles and other equipment necessary to do the job.

Equipment will be made available as needed.


The applicant must have a Bachelorʼs Degree in Environmental Science,

Conservation Biology or related study or an associate degree as well as

related work experience.

The salary will be based on experience. Andelot offers the usual benefits

including medical.

Interested applicants should contact:

Mrs.Louisa Duemling

11966 Andelot Farm Lane Worton, MD 21678   tel: 410-778-3260



Wednesday July 2 Nanticoke River Wade-In on July 18

Hey all,   Here’s a cool activity that you may want to go to/support. Wade-Ins to highlight water quality are really catching on (the Assateague Coastal Trust is holding theirs Saturday July 27 at 10 am in the Rte 90/Isle of Wight parking lot just before the Ocean City bridge; you may want to mark your calendars for that as well). If you can attend you’ll have fun, you’ll support a good cause, and you’ll get a chance to meet people who are active on the local environmental scene—people who are looking for interested college students for internships and jobs.

Take care, Mr Nelson ENVR

Please join the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance for the Nanticoke River Wade-In and 5 Year Report Card Release!

·        WHAT: Nanticoke River Wade-In and 5 Year Report Card Release.

·        WHEN: Thursday, July 18th (11:30am ~ 2:30pm). Lunch will be served at noon, followed by the 5 Year Report Card launch and Wade-In. Youth activities also offered.

·        WHERE: Cherry Beach (110 Cherry Beach Road, Sharptown, MD 21861)

·        WHY: Celebrate the Nanticoke River, learn about its water quality monitoring results and trends, and get your feet wet to evaluate the River’s health.

·        HOW: Contact Lisa Baird to RSVP (by July 15th) or for more information at: lisabaird@nanticokeriver.org / 410-443-8878. There is no fee for lunch.

Please see the flyer (below & attached) for more information.

We hope to see you there,  Shelly

Shelly Baird, Executive Director    Nanticoke Watershed Alliance

PO Box 111, Vienna, MD 21869     410-430-3273

Description: Alliance

Wednesday June 26 SOCI 390 Sociology of the Environment

  We are pleased to announce that SOCI 390, Sociology of the Environment, has been added to the schedule for the coming fall. Many ENVR students who have taken it describe it as being enormously worthwhile and influential; it also counts towards the ENVR minor and serves as an elective for the major.

TuTh 3:30PM - 4:45PM

378 Teacher Educ & Tech Center        Prof. Alex Stoner

There is plenty of room in the class; if you wish to enroll, you may do so starting Monday, July 15th.

Take care, Mr Nelson   ENVR


Wednesday June 26 Powershift Pre-Registration

    This year’s Power Shift conference (info and links below) will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania October 18-21—which seems a long way off, except that due to their stepped registration rates, the sooner you sign up the better:

Registration Costs and Deadlines


Youth /

Young Professional

Movement Supporter

Early Registration
Ends August 10th




General Registration
Ends September 20th




Late Registration
Ends October 5th




     ENVR students who have attended in the past report that it is most worthwhile—in terms of what they learn, contacts they make, and the sense of empowerment they gain.

Though I’ll send this announcement out again at the end of the summer, as you can see, deciding to go now will save you some cash—

Take care,

Mr Nelson


From: Michael Lewis
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 3:51 PM
To: William Nelson
Subject: FW: Power Shift 2013: Launching our resistance


Bill –

(for post kayaking trip)

IN case you don’t have this, we should perhaps advertise this starting in August or when students come back to school?


From: Maura Cowley, Energy Action Coalition [mailto:theteam@energyaction.net]
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 3:22 PM
To: Michael Lewis
Subject: Power Shift 2013: Launching our resistance


Image removed by sender. Power Shift 2013: Register Now!Michael Lewis,

We are the generation that occupied Wall Street, Sandy, and Tahrir Square. We dyed Facebook red in support of marriage equality. We’ve turned out in record numbers to every election we’ve been allowed to vote in, and elected President Barack Obama – twice.

We have shut down hundreds of coal plants and kept countless more from being built, while leading the charge to create a green economy in our communities. We have put our fists in the air and our bodies on the line to fight Keystone XL, fracking, and mountaintop removal — and we’re willing to do it again.

But we have much more work to do. As you read this, more wells are being fracked, sirens blare across Appalachia as coal companies blow the tops off mountains, and somewhere on Capitol Hill an industry lobbyist with fat pockets is selling out our future for quick profits.

This Fall at Power Shift 2013 we draw a line in the sand and say no more. Register now and join us!

From October 18th-21st, more than ten thousand youth leaders from every walk of life — college students, young environmental justice leaders, DREAMers, young people of faith, young workers — will come together in Pittsburgh, PA to train, build, and launch our resistance.

And Power Shift 2013 is just the beginning. Power Shift 2013 will launch hundreds of sustained campaigns and mass actions to demand climate justice. Together, our voices will unite in a drumbeat calling for change that will not be ignored.

Register today for Power Shift 2013: http://www.wearepowershift.org/register

Power Shift 2013 is our opportunity to come together and shift ENTIRELY AWAY from fossil fuels and TOWARD local clean energy solutions. Our movement has done the impossible before — from divesting our schools from fossil fuels, to banning fracking in our communities — and now is the time to come together and do the impossible again.

See you in Pittsburgh!

Maura Cowley
Executive Director
Energy Action Coalition

Energy Action Coalition is a youth-led coalition of 50 organizations working together to fight for a clean, just and renewable energy future. For a list of Energy Action Coalition partners, please visit our Energy Action Partners page. unsubscribe

Image removed by sender.


Wednesday June 19 Program Coordinator for Bike Maryland initiative

Bike Maryland: Bicycle Friendly Maryland Program

  Bicycle Friendly Maryland Program Coordinator



Bike Maryland’s mission is to promote bicycling, increase safety, improve conditions, and provide a voice for bicyclists in Maryland.  


Bike Maryland seeks a Program Coordinator to manage and lead the Bicycle Friendly Maryland Program. The Bicycle Friendly Maryland Program is devoted to improving the overall bike ability of Maryland by implementing the guidelines laid out by the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly America (BFA) program. Working closely with businesses, universities, and communities throughout the state, we strive to make our state a more bicycle friendly place to live, work, and play. As a measure of our success, Bike Maryland aims to increase the number of Bicycle Friendly Communities (BFC), Bicycle Friendly Businesses (BFB), and Bicycle Friendly Universities (BFU) within the state.

The primary focus of the Bicycle Friendly Maryland Program is to plan, organize and facilitate bicycle friendly workshops at the community, business, and university level throughout the state. The purpose of the bicycle friendly workshops is to encourage communities, businesses, and universities to promote and facilitate increased bicycling for both recreation and transportation. Each workshop is comprised of the following components:

a) basic education on the BFC, BFB, or BFU program and how to implement this process within the community,

b) presentations from other BFA participants within the state and bicycle advocacy professionals, and

c) group brainstorming sessions allowing attendees to explore opportunities for bicycle advocacy within their community. This is also a time for attendees to begin organizing into groups for future work 

In addition to bicycle friendly workshops, the Bicycle Friendly Maryland Program also serves as a resource for the development of grassroots bicycle advocacy initiatives. Mentoring and guidance is provided both over the phone and in person, often involving presentations to local bicycle groups. Continued involvement at the community, business, and university level helps to ensure continued growth and progress towards our goal of making Maryland more bicycle friendly.

Program growth and development is also dependent upon identifying funding sources and drafting grant proposals.


·      Plan, organize and facilitate bicycle friendly workshops

·      Develop and communicate effective strategies for encouraging communities, businesses, and universities to become more bicycle friendly

·      Develop and implement effective communications, relationship and  partnerships at the community, business, and university level

·      Work collaboratively and creatively with partner organizations to achieve best practices

·      Maintain Bicycle Friendly Maryland webpage and updated workshop reviews

·      Meet quarterly reporting requirements as established with executive director

·      Perform necessary administration and operations functions such as recordkeeping, program measurement, effective reporting, correspondence, and protocol development

·      Identify potential funding sources and draft grant proposals



·   Professional, polished, confident and capable of developing professional partnership relationships.

·   Progress towards degree in public policy, community planning, transportation planning, or related field; bachelors degree preferred

·   Demonstrated experience in program design and management

·   Demonstrated ability to develop and give effective presentations to small or large groups

·   Demonstrated success meeting monthly, quarterly and annual project benchmarks and timelines

·   Must be able to work independently and as part of a team, and have a strong sense of responsibility. 

·   Requires excellent written and oral communication skills, including the ability to make public presentations to large groups. 

·   Strong organizational skills, and the ability and willingness to handle multiple projects, demands and moving targets are a must. 

·   Working knowledge of MS  Word, Outlook, Power Point required.


Please send resume and cover letter to Carol Silldorff at carol@bikemd.org.


Wednesday June 19 Internship- Environmental Economist @ Ward Museum

 SUPERVISOR:  Kevin Evans, Controller, Ward Museum

 WORK DATES: June-August 2013

 APPLICATION DEADLINE: Open until filled


The Environmental Economist Intern at the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art, Salisbury University will research and analyze data from the Ward Museum in order to provide management with information for decision making regarding energy efficiency and upgrades.   Intern will investigate energy usage at the museum, including lighting. 

Duties will include, but not limited to:

Retrieval and processing of data from museum financial records (may include lifting up to 40 lbs); development of spreadsheets and reports to present and analyze data; interviews and/or surveys of museum staff; research on like institutions and related projects; preparing and presenting a final report(s).

Candidates should be majoring in accounting and have an interest in the environment and the not-for-profit field. Intern must be motivated to work quickly and independently.
• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Proficiency with a range of computer programs, including the Microsoft Office suite (Excel, Word, etc).
• Knowledge of QuickBooks preferred.
• Experience with database management preferred.

This is an unpaid internship. The Ward Museum will assist the intern in receiving course credit, where available.

Submit letter of interest and resume to Kjevans@salisbury.edu


Tuesday June 18 Erosion Control Specialist needed for Water Words: SCA Hudson Valley Alumni

Hey All, This posting comes c/o our own Elizabeth Young, now working up on the mighty Hudson River. "Qualified expert versed in environmentally preferable bank stabilization and erosion control methods" may sound daunting, but if you have any experience/background in these areas, it'd be worth a shot-- Take care, Mr Nelson  SU ENVR

 Libby Young  Program Coordinator  SCA Hudson Valley o. 845-255-4758  c. 845-270-1367  LYoung@thesca.org

From: Student Conservation Association [mailto:mail@jointhesca.org]  Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 12:16 PM

To: Elizabeth Young Subject: Erosion Control Specialist needed for Water Words: SCA Hudson Valley Alumni

 A message from Kathy Baugh Schmidt to all members of SCA Hudson Valley Alumni on Student Conservation Association: Water Words That Work LLC is bidding on a large social marketing, a.k.a behavior-change, campaign. The goal of the effort is to persuade waterfront property owners to forgo or remove rip rap and other traditional shoreline armoring and choose to preserve natural shoreline habitats.  For our project team, we seek the participation of a qualified expert versed in environmentally preferable bank stabilization and erosion control methods.

If you are this person -- and if you are interested in a part-time contract opportunity that starts this summer and runs through the first quarter of 2014 -- please send me a resume.  If you know somebody who may fit the bill, please pass this message along to them.

We are on a very tight timeframe. We are looking to line up our project team member this week. This opportunity is contingent on Water Words That Work LLC prevailing in a competitive bidding process. Thanks in advance for any leads you can send our way!

Eric Eckl Water Words That Work LLC 905 West 7th Street Suite 201 Frederick, MD 21701 Office: 703.829.6732 Fax: 301.663.1839

eric.eckl@waterwordsthatwork.com http://waterwordsthatwork.com Skype/LinkedIn: ericeckl Twitter: @waterwords


Sunday June 9 Internship Alert Digest: 6/5/13 Fall and (still) summer 2013 Internships. ALL majors. Start NOW!

From: Rebecca Emery
Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2013 12:26 PM
To: Crystal Dickerson; Gloria Horner; Rebecca Emery; Russell Endicott
Subject: Internship Alert Digest: 6/5/13 Fall and (still) summer 2013 Internships. ALL majors. Start NOW!

Environmental Interpretation Internships.  Fall. Employer: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Patuxent Research Refuge.  Location: Laurel, Maryland.  Number of Positions:  2 . Salary:  $195 per week stipend with dormitory housing available.  Dates of employment:  August 23rd, 2013-November 22nd, 2013.  Qualifications:  Must have well-developed communication skills and leadership ability; be able  to work independently and as part of a team; experience working with children and adults preferred. Bachelor’s degree (or pursuing) in education, natural resources, or related field desired.  Driver’s license necessary.  Duties:  Internships are Full-time positions.  Provide quality educational experiences for all  visitors to the National Wildlife Visitor Center and Patuxent Research Refuge through developing and conducting interpretive and educational programs for all ages, leading interpretive tram tours focusing on wildlife management and research, working with Scout groups, and assisting with all operations of a visitor center. Work schedule will include weekends (two days off during week), and some holidays. How to Apply:  Send letter of interest, resume, and list of 3 references with phone numbers or email addresses. Closing Date:  Received by July 5th, 2013. Contact Person:  Amy Shoop, Patuxent Research Refuge, 10901 Scarlet Tanager Loop, Laurel, MD 20708-4027 or Amy_Shoop@fws.gov            

History Intern in Cambridge, MD. Marketing too.  All Semesters.  Name Of Requesting Organization:  Dorchester County Historical Society. www.dorchesterhistory.org Street Address:  1003 Greenway Drive.  Cambridge, MD 21613.  Description Of Internship: Office duties, research, library, customer relations. Interns generally wear many hats. We have many areas of research in which an intern may work- genealogy, Dorchester, Civil Rights, etc. Our biggest need right now is someone to take oral histories from already identified subjects. We can and do prefer to train interviewers. These oral histories, in addition to becoming part of our archives will become a significant interpretive piece throughout our campus.  Library duties will consist of helping to finalize and fine tune the installation of our research facilities. This collection was recently removed from the public library and installed on our campus in order to safeguard the collection.  Qualifications: history major desired, but marketing helpful.  Application Procedures: Please email to set up interview- include course of study info and area(s) of interest.  Ann Phillips, Executive Director. dchs@verizon.net . Phone: 410.228.7953. unpaid. 


Sunday June 9 Lower Shore Stewardship Institute Accepting Applications

From: Nanticoke Watershed Alliance [Nanticoke_Watershed_Alliance@mail.vresp.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2013 2:17 PM
To: Elizabeth Young
Subject: Lower Shore Stewardship Institute Accepting Applications

Click to view this email in a browser

Join the Lower Shore Stewardship Institute Class of 2013




The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance invites you to join us as we celebrate the Nanticoke River and learn more about its current health at our annual Wade-In.  This event is free to the public and will be held on July 18th at Cherry Beach in Sharptown, MD. The Alliance will be launching the 5 Year Nanticoke River Report Card at the event, as well as providing lunch and activities for local youth.


Contact Lisa Baird at lisabaird@nanticokeriver.org or 410-443-8878



Join the Lower Shore Stewardship Institute Class of 2013!


         You will receive seven classroom and hands-on field trainings from experts and professionals in your community at no cost!


         You will learn about environmental stewardship and pressing issues that face our community and what you can do to help.


         You will connect with a network of local organizations and like-minded individuals.


·        You will give 40 hours of volunteer service with the NWA and any of our Partners in Conservation and become an LSSI graduate!


                Click the flyer below for more details and to apply


LSSI Flyer 2013



Tel: 443-944-1175
Email: bethwasden@nanticokeriver.org


Sunday May 25 Seagrass Restoration Opportunity

Hello all, The VA Barrier Islands eelgrass seed harvest for The Nature Conservancy's SAV restoration effort has been delayed because of cool spring temperatures--which means you still have an opportunity to participate! Tom and I will be taking our summer kayaking group down to help out on Wednesday June 5; students report that it's one of the highlights of the entire class. If you have a chance, it's a rewarding and most worthwhile way to spend a day--

take care, Mr Nelson ENVR

Hello Seagrass Volunteers!

Are you ready to be part of the largest seagrass restoration project in the world? If the weather holds out we will begin collection this FRIDAY, MAY 24 meeting at the Oyster Boat Ramp at 11 a.m. *NOTE* this is a long email with important information that you should read in its entirety.

We can take up to 8 volunteers each day on the boat and will sign up more than that in any given day, but will have to secure a second boat. Sign up is on a “first come” basis and if there is an overwhelming reply of volunteers signing up on the same days we will create a “backup” list.

Please respond by this WED, MAY 22 with dates you plan to participate. It is very important to show up if you sign up. Let me know if you cannot make your commitment so we can plan transportation and logistics appropriately. Pay special attention to our cancellation policy. It may be helpful to print or save this email.

1.    Dates and Times: Attached (excel format) and at the bottom of this email are the dates and times of planned collection. Trips will last from 5-6 hours. Please let me know which one(s) you will be attending. Note we will not be collecting May 30—June 1 due to the timing of the tides. If you have not collected before, we highly encourage you to sign up for at least two collection days. The earlier dates you sign up the better chance the collection won’t be cancelled because seeds are ripening so fast or holding tanks are full. While we are signing up volunteers till June 7, it is highly likely we won’t be collecting past June 3.

CANCELATION POLICY: It is important to note that volunteers need to be flexible, as collection trips may be cancelled last minute because of weather, choppy water, wind, etc. A call in system has been set up for volunteers to check the status of the day's collection. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to determine if a collection date has been canceled. Call 757-607-6179 and listen to the message announcing the workday status. The latest we would cancel is 4 hours before collection, but typically we will make the go/no-go call by 9 p.m. the night before an early morning collection. No one will be answering that phone number. Do not leave a message. We are not responsible for any lodging, equipment or travel costs if collection is canceled when you signed up.

2. Gear:  You need a face mask, snorkel, towel(s), swim suit, snacks/water and sunscreen. If you have a wetsuit, please bring it. We a little over 10 wetsuits in various sizes from men’s S-XXL and sizes are skewed to more smaller ones. Most of the wetsuits are 3/2mm which is lightweight. If you have a wetsuit hood, bring it as you may get cold. You may need to share wetsuits if you don’t have one. Face masks and snorkels are also available on a limited basis. The water temperature will be around 70 degrees F. You may also prefer some type of water shoe. You are responsible for your personal gear. 70 degrees sounds warm, but after an hour you will get chilly. Dress in layers.          

3. Forms: Attached you'll find the volunteer application and liability release forms. If you participated in past years or if you’ve volunteered for us before and have already filled out the forms, you do not need to do so again. You can either:

·         Bring them the day you collect

·         OR mail them to Jen Dalke, 490 Westfield Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22091

·         OR Fax to Jen at 434-979-0370

·         OR scan and email to Jen, jdalke@tnc.org (please make sure they are legible).

4. Carpooling?: If you are interested in carpooling from the Hampton Roads area or D.C. area please let me know. I can set up a listserv of those attending the event who are interested and you can sort it out among yourselves. 

5. Remember: A few light snacks will be provided, but bring drinking water and some snacks/lunch.... if you have special dietary needs be sure to bring what suits you. Don't forget the sunscreen and insect repellent. 

BE SURE to save your Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel receipt because if you return in 24 hours, your return trip costs only $5 instead of $12.  BE SURE to have cash for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel because they do not accept checks or credit cards (initial cost over is $12). They are now excepting E-ZPass too.

6. Directions:  Meet at the public boat ramp- Oyster, VA  - directions attached  

7. Training: There will be on-site training each collection day. Volunteers will be trained on how to identify the reproductive shoots of the eelgrass plant and how to collect and bag them along with other related educational information. You should view the videos and slideshows found at www.nature.org/seagrassrestoration.  

8. Lodging, Boat Transportation and Other: Visit our website www.nature.org/seagrassrestoration for details about lodging options, etc. 


1. Contribute gear. Donate or lend us wetsuits and/or snorkeling equipment.  

2. Advertise. Email or call up your friends, and share this page on Facebook!

3. Partners. See what our partners are doing. VIMS: http://www.vims.edu/   Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program: http://www.deq.state.va.us/coastal/ 

4. Make a donation. Can't attend the event, but still want to help our seagrass restoration efforts and other projects at the Virginia Coast Reserve? Your monetary donation will make a difference. Donate online today to support Conservancy programs on the Eastern Shore.


Eelgrass is a simple, ribbon-like seagrass that once thrived in the coastal bays of Virginia's Eastern Shore. In 1933 an outbreak of disease and a major hurricane virtually wiped it out. The Seaside Heritage Seagrass Community Restoration Program has been conducting highly successful efforts to restore eelgrass in the nearby Atlantic coastal bays since 1999.  
See you on the water,  Jen















11:00 AM


1:39 PM




12:00 PM

 FULL, “backup volunteers only”

2:30 PM




1:00 PM


3:22 PM




1:45 PM


4:16 PM




2:45 PM


5:12 PM




3:45 PM


6:12 PM




No Volunteers


7:01 AM




No Volunteers


7:58 AM




No Volunteers


8:52 AM




7:30 AM


9:46 AM




8:00 AM


10:37 AM




9:00 AM


11:26 AM




9:45 AM


12:12 PM




10:30 AM


12:55 PM




11:00 AM


1:36 PM








Please note my normal schedule is Mon. & Fri. 9-11:30 a.m. (Woodstock, VA) and Tues.-Thurs. 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m. (Charlottesville, VA)

Jennifer Dalke, CVA
Volunteer Program Manager

(434) 951-0572 (Office)
(540) 335-1302 (Mobile)
(434) 979-0370 (Fax)


  Description: Description: Description: http://nature.org/images/emailsig_pixel.gif  

The Nature Conservancy

490 Westfield Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901


Description: Description: Description: http://nature.org/images/emailsig_logo.gif


Sunday May 25 FWD: Resource for Students

Subject: resource for students--Ecotech Institute Clean Jobs Index

This new index from the Ecotech Institute allows users to search by state to find green jobs, alternative fueling stations, LEED projects and total energy consumption. This infographic of key findings from the index reveals 749,197 clean jobs in the U.S. between January 1-March 31, 2013.


 Sarah Surak, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Depts of Political Science & Environmental Studies Fulton Hall Room 280D


Sunday May 26 Get Our New Clean Water App for the weekend!

  Here's info on a cool new app from the Assateague Coastkeeper--it provides water quality/bacteria counts for various area beaches--take care, Mr Nelson  ENVR

From: Assateague Coastkeeper [coastkeeper@actforbays.org]
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 5:36 PM
To: William Nelson
Subject: Get Our New Clean Water App for the weekend!

ACKPR logo





Is it safe to swim there?
Waterkeeper's Swim Guide will let you know


It should be easy to find clean water and a nice, accessible swimming hole. Unfortunately, reliable facts and figures about beach water quality are hard to come by.

Enter the Waterkeeper Swim Guide app for iPhone®, Android, or web. This free app helps you find your closest beaches, know at a glance which ones are safe for swimming, and share your love of beaches with friends and family.

ACT and Coastkeeper have made sure the Swim Guide includes all the county monitored beaches in Ocean City and on Assateague Island, as well as a number of 'swimming holes' in the Coastal Bays including Horn Island shoals near Hoopers, St. Martin River, Herring Creek and Turville Creek that ACT monitors for bacteria.  You will now know at a glance what the swimming conditions are for your favorite spot on Assateague, in OC, or out on the bays.  So enjoy your summer! 

Swim Guide began in Toronto, Canada. A team of staff and volunteers at Lake Ontario Waterkeeper set out to answer this simple question: Is it safe to swim in Lake Ontario? That one question began a journey connecting Waterkeeper organizations across Canada and the U.S., as well as other affiliates with a shared desire for swimmable waterways.

Sharing a love of beaches is really important to Waterkeepers. Since 2011, dozens of nonprofit and public organizations have contributed information to Swim Guide. By the height of swimming season in 2013, Swim Guide will include most official beaches in the U.S. and Canada. It draws on water quality information from government agencies or from Waterkeepers themselves so that you have access to up-to-date water quality as often as possible.

Waterkeepers are building Swim Guide for one reason: we want people to explore, enjoy, and fall in love with the beach so that our coastlines and swimming holes will be protected for generations to come.

Download Swim Guide for iPhone/iPad & Android here - The Swim Guide App

Swim Guide is built and powered by Waterkeepers to connect you to beaches and swimming holes everywhere.




Download the app here. 

Search for your favorite beach or swimming hole. 

Find out if the water is safe for swimming, surfing, SUPing, kayaking, jetskiing.

Each beach location that is monitored will give you some history or information about the site, some great photos, and a 'at-a-glance' format to check the status of your swimming/watersport site.   

Assateague Coastal Trust and Assateague COASTKEEPER:  Bringing you 'Swimmable and Fishable' clean water advocacy!  







Friday May 17 SCA Endangered Species Internship in North Carolina

   One of our ENVR students spent a terrific year interning in North Carolina monitoring sea turtles and woodpeckers. The Student Conservation Association is now advertising that internship right now:


...along with a number of other internships all over the US:


Definitely worth looking into-- take care, Mr Nelson 


Friday May 17 Internships from Career Services

Hey all, Here are two new internships—Take care,Mr Nelson

Environmental Interpretation Internship.  Number of Positions: 1.  Salary: $98-$156 per week (20-32 hours per week) intern stipend.  Location:U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Patuxent Research Refuge, Laurel, Maryland – duty station will be located in Fairfax County, VA.  Dates of employment: June 15th, 2013 - August 1, 2013 – (dates are negotiable).  Qualifications: Must have well-developed written and oral communication skills and leadership ability; be able to work independently and as part of a team; experience working with both children and adults. A Bachelor’s degree (or pursuing) in education, natural resources, or related field is desired.  A working knowledge of computer programs such as Excel, Word, Power Point necessary.  Social Marketing interests a plus.  A valid driver’s is license necessary.  Duties: Individual will primarily work off-refuge at a large public school system, and will provide quality environmental educational experiences for students, technical expertise to teachers and faculty, and promote the National Wildlife Refuge System’s role in creating environmental awareness among urban populations.  Employee will work with public school system and its partners to deliver value added environmental education programs; assist senior FWS and public school staff with development of internal and external partnerships; and assist with development/promotion of opportunities for service learning projects, such as recycling, schoolyard habitats, citizen science, etc. Individual will work primarily in Fairfax County, but will report periodically to Patuxent Research Refuge for specific assignments, training opportunities, etc.  Day to day supervision will be by Fairfax County Public School System staff. Opportunity: Intern will be able to interact with a large number of environmental professionals and educators in formal and non-formal settings across the DC metro area and the State of Virginia.  Intern will be part of a team establishing a relatively new program in environmental education in one of the largest school districts in the United States while also having the opportunity to work at a National Wildlife Refuge.   Intern will experience first hand the implementation of the Eco Schools USA program across a school district.   How to Apply:  Send letter of interest, resume, and list of 3  references with phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses to:  Brad Knudsen, Refuge Manager.  Patuxent Research Refuge.  10901 Scarlet Tanager Loop.  Laurel, MD 20708-4027.  Or via e-mail to:  Brad_Knudsen@fws.gov ; phone - 301-497-5582.  Closing Date: Applications must be received by June 6, 2013.

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy.  All Semesters.  Address:118 Wye Narrows Drive, Queenstown, MD, 21658.  Website: www.eslc.org Phone: 410-827-9756 E163.  Full-time for 4 months (depending on availability), 40 hours/week.  Description Of Internship: In efforts to preserve the prime farmland, wildlife habitats, and unique natural assets of the Eastern Shore, ESLC helps landowners explore and implement various conservation options for their properties, such as conservation easements. To ensure the ongoing preservation of these special places, ESLC annually visits landowners and inspects preserved properties. The Land Stewardship Intern plays an instrumental role by helping ESLC carry out these responsibilities. For more information about ESLC, please visit eslc.org . Qualifications: The Land Stewardship Intern will help monitor our conservation-eased properties by making site visits, observing and documenting changes to the properties and completing and filing monitoring reports for each visit. The Land Stewardship Intern also will help the Stewardship Manager assemble and organize the necessary documents (photos, maps, directions to each site, etc.) for the site visit. Administrative tasks related to the management of the stewardship files include preparing field file forms, labeling maps and photographs, and entering monitoring reports in a database. Applicants will be exposed to an asked to interpret legal documents, such as a conservation easement. The ability to read maps and orient oneself in the field is essential, as is attention to detail and strong organizational skills. Applicants should possess the ability to work outdoors in variable weather conditions and walk long distances through varying terrain. Application Procedures: The Land Stewardship Intern will receive experience in easement monitoring, stewardship management, and land conservation.  Rate Of Pay: 2000.  To apply, send resume and cover letter to Megan DArcy, Stewardship Manager at Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, PO Box 169, Queenstown, MD 21658 or by email at mdarcy@eslc.org . Please provide specific dates and length of availability.

Friday May 17 ACT Volunteers Needed

Subject: Hello ACT Volunteers! Are you interested in being a Beach Sweep volunteer this summer?
ACT has adopted a small bayside beach in Ocean City that we want to ‘sweep’ once each week all summer and track what kinds of trash is cleaned off the beach.  We plan to post this data in the fall, to raise awareness about plastic and trash pollution to our bays.

 As you have volunteered to help ACT in the past, we are reaching out to see if you would like to volunteer an hour or two each month to sweep this beach and record the data.   You might want to volunteer for one day a month, or several.  Please contact me, Kathy Phillips – Assateague Coastkeeper – at 443-235-2014 or this email address.  If you’re unable to volunteer this summer maybe you know someone you could refer us to?  Let me know, thanks! Last month ACT volunteers did a thorough clean up for this beach, removing all winter debris and storm debris.  It’s now ready for summer monitoring.

 There is an owner provided container at the site where he puts any plastic items he collects during the week.   You would count the items in that container, then sweep the beach and record all other debris and plastic you find that day and then put all debris, including what’s in the ‘plastic trash receptacle’  in a marked “Trash” container which the owner will move out to the street for disposal each week.  Or if you prefer, after you have counted all plastic items, you’re welcome to take the plastic with you to recycle at the Berlin or Walmart recycling centers.  (Sadly Ocean City does not recycle their plastic any longer.  All their ‘recyclables’ are trucked to PA and burned in an incinerator.)

 ACT will provide a “Swim Drink Fish” t-shirt, a clip board, data tracking sheets, plastic gloves and access to the fenced property.  We just ask that you make sure you lock the gate securely when you leave.

I’m hoping to set this project into motion next week (Memorial Day weekend, already!).   Hope to hear from you soon, thanks!

Kathy P.


ACT beach sweep team.jpg

 Kathy Phillips, Assateague COASTKEEPER

Executive Director - Assateague Coastal Trust  PO Box 731, Berlin, MD 21811     (O) 410-629-1538    (Mobile)  443-235-2014

 Monday May 13 Bike to Work Week events

Hey all,  Well I see that you late-risers slept through the Bike-SBY commuter workshop on the downtown plaza this morning! Here are a couple more cool bike-themed activities this week:

Tuesday, May 14, Evolution Brewpub, 6 pm Ribbon cutting/ dedication of Salisbury's first business-themed bike rack, part of a collaborative effort by Bike-SBY, Evolution Brewpub, and SU to make Salisbury more bicycle friendly. This bicycle rack was designed by SU students!

 Friday May 17, 7 am As part of Bike to Work Week, Bike-SBY will host a ride along the proposed Orange Route from SU to downtown. Meet at the SU tennis courts at 7 am Friday morning.

Hope to see you there!

Take care,

Mr Nelson

Friday May 10 Bike to Work Week

Hello All,

   As you can see below, bike-SBY will be hosting a variety of area activities for National Bike to Work (or school!) Week. The more people who show up for these events, the more powers-that-be are persuaded that area citizens really do want a bike-friendly community.

take care,  Mr Nelson   ENVR 

From: Bike-SBY [matt=bike-sby.org@nationbuilder.com] On Behalf Of Bike-SBY [matt@bike-sby.org]
Sent: Saturday, May 11, 2013 8:26 AM      To: William Nelson     Subject: Get ready for Bike to Work Week!

Good morning fellow cyclist --
Next week, Bike-SBY is pleased to join the League of American Bicyclists and Bike Maryland in celebrating National Bike to Work week. 
If you are planning to ride your bike to work this week for the first time and your bike has sat in the corner of your garage for a while, show it some love before the ride.  Head over to your Local Bike Shop this weekend and ask them to give your bike a good inspection.  Change out that cracked tire, lube the chain, and make sure your brakes work when you need them to so that your first ride to work goes smoothly.
Local events planned for this week in Salisbury:
Monday May 13:
Breakfast and Bike Inspections
Meet us on the downtown plaza between 7 and 8 am.  Get you bike checked out, ask questions from experienced cyclists, have a free bagel, then ride to work!

Tuesday May 14:
Art Bike Rack Ribbon Cutting
Ride your bike to Evolution Brewery after work. Help us cut the ribbon on their first art bike rack--designed by SU students!--at 6 pm.

Friday May 17:
Bike to Work Day: Ride the Orange Route
Join us at the SU Tennis Courts for a 2-mile group bike ride to the downtown plaza. Leaving at 7 am. 

Friday May 17
Bike to Work Day: Kickoff Celebration
Help us celebrate Bike to Work day!  Meet local leaders including City Council President Day. Enjoy a free cup of coffee from Main Roots Coffee, then hop on your bike and ride to work!  Event starts at 7:30. 

Friday May 17:
Ride to 3rd Friday!
After a hard day at work, enjoy a relaxing bike ride to downtown Salisbury for 3rd Friday!  All people on bikes ANY TIME this week will be eligible for a prize!

Don't for get to support your local Bicycle Friendly Merchants this week.  Bike in to their shop and thank them for supporting biking in Salisbury!


Bagel Bakery Cafe

1006 South Salisbury Blvd, Salisbury, MD

10% off your purchase when you ride a bike here


1324 South Salisbury Blvd, Salisbury, MD

10% any beer or wine purchase when you ride a bike here 

 Chesapeake East

501 West Main Street, Salisbury MD

10% off paint-it-yourself pottery when you ride a bike here

 Evolution Craft Brewing & Evolution Public House

201 East Vine Street, Salisbury MD

20% off your entire bill when you ride a bike here (Sorry...not valid with other offers)

 Main Roots Coffee

11 W. Main Street, Salisbury MD

15% off your purchase when you ride a bike here

 Rise Up Coffee

529 Riverside Drive, Salisbury, MD

Get an extra 2nd punch on your customer card when you ride a bike here 

See you on the road!!



bike-SBY · 301 N Clairmont Druve, Salisbury, MD 21891, United States
This email was sent to wanelson@salisbury.edu. To stop receiving emails, click here.
You can also keep up with Bike-SBY on Twitter or Facebook.


Friday May 10 Delmarva Discovery Center Internship

Hey all, Here’s a cool summer internship right down the road, and a reminder about a native plant sale this weekend— Take care, Mr Nelson

The Delmarva Discovery Center, a nonprofit cultural, historical, and natural learning center in Pocomoke, is looking for interns for credit or non credit students.

I am specifically looking for students who would intern within my husbandry and education departments and are comfortable  with a wide array of animals (snakes, turtles, frogs, fish, land and aquatic invertebrates) and possess knowledge or are willing to learn about aquarium care and maintenance for freshwater, brackish, and marine fish and invertebrates.

In addition, I run the education department and ideally I am looking for someone is interested in wildlife interpretation and public programming and summer camp opportunities; working with children to adults.

While, these are unpaid internships, we will work with students to obtain credits if required and since the center is rather small students will have the opportunity to have a lot of hands on experience, and will be able to deliver public programs and will have opportunities to work with me in collaboration with the National Park Service, Salisbury Zoo, Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge, NASA, as well as aquarists and herpetologists from leading zoos and aquariums.

Any interested parties can contact me by email at srubin@delmarvadiscoverycenter.org or can call me at 410-957-9933 x 104. Thank you.

Sarah Rubin Aquarist/ Wildlife Educator Delmarva Discovery Center

www.delmarvadiscoverycenter.org 410.957.9933 x 104

Tuesday May 7 Job at Pocono Summer Camp

Hello all,  Just received this from an SU grad, possible summer job in the mountains!

Take care, Mr Nelson

B'nai B'rith Perlman Camp is a co-ed, sleep away summer camp in the Pocono Mountains, and we are looking for someone to be our Nature Hobby Leader!

Being a part of our staff, would mean living in a bunk with campers and being a part of their day to day activities. You would also be on our outdoor adventure team, leading the nature program! Every week, the campers get to choose hobbies that they want to participate in, and Nature is one of them. You would be responsible for putting together weekly agendas for the campers ranging from 7-15. We have a nature hut and a small garden that you would be able to utilize right next to the lake.

If you want to hear more about the program and what its like to work at Perlman Camp, please contact me at jacklyn@perlmancamp.org or visit our site at http://perlmancamp.org/all/staff.shtml

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jacklyn Grad Manager of Operations and Customer Experience  B'nai B'rith Perlman Camp 2020 K St. NW - 7th Floor
Washington, DC 20006 (p) 202.857.6663 (f) 202.697.5505 www.perlmancamp.org


Wednesday May 1 Md Sierra Club Summer Internship

Get involved with the Sierra Club!  Intern this Summer with the Maryland Chapter Office - Accepting Applications Now!

For information or to arrange internships please call and send a resume, cover letter, and writing sample to internships
. Please have your name in each document title and CC maryland.chapter@sierraclub.org. Hope to hear from you soon! More details CLICK HERE.

Laurel Imlay, Sierra Club Maryland Chapter Coordinator

Monday April 29 NY Job opportunity: Coordinator Needed at Sharpe Reservation: SCA Hudson Valley Alumni

Hey Alums, Here's a great-sounding job possibility up in the Hudson River Valley-- Take care, Mr Nelson

Program Coordinator Needed at Sharpe Reservation: The Fresh Air Fund

Job Description :The Fresh Air Fund's Sharpe Reservation is looking to hire a full-time Program Coordinator to work on our 2,300 acre site in Fishkill, NY. Sharpe Reservation serves as the site of The Fresh Air Fund's five summer camps as well as a year-round residential and day facility rental for community and school groups. The Program Coordinator will serve multiple roles throughout the year and responsibilities include:

•             Coordinate and book weekend and day groups visiting Sharpe Reservation throughout the year which includes communicating with potential groups to provide facility, programming and pricing information, leading site visits for potential groups and serving as the main contact for all inquiries and bookings.

•             Oversee and coordinate a comprehensive environmental program, teach and develop curriculum for the Sharpe Environmental Center and manage and train per diem staff.

•             Work with groups to develop programs and schedules that fit the learning standards and curriculum intent of the visit and maintain program supplies.

•             During camp sessions, conduct daily site inspections to ensure Department of Health compliance.

•             During the summer, act as a liaison with the Dutchess County Department of Health, the American Red Cross and our five summer camp directors to ensure all Health and Safety regulations are in place.

•             Maintain records and paperwork and conduct inspections for the USDA summer food service program.

•             Additional tasks and responsibilities as needed.

Job Requirements

•             Bachelor’s Degree in an environmental-related field, environmental science, outdoor recreation, biology, etc. required.

•             Minimum of two years of work at an environmental center, camp or other related facility.

•             Experience managing staff, developing schedules, booking groups and developing interactive programming preferred.

•             Ability to multitask, work independently, meet deadlines and problem solve.

•             Flexibility to work occasional evenings and weekends as necessary.

•             Desire to work with a diverse population of people.

•             Proficient in Microsoft Office.

•             Friendly, outgoing and organized.

•             The Fresh Air Fund is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).

Please send cover letter and resume via e-mail to Tim Stanley at tstanley@freshair.org

Visit SCA Hudson Valley Alumni at:



Wednesday April 24 "Building Resilience to Climate Change" by Dr. David Goshorn, Today at 6:00 PM

Salisbury University's Smart Growth Club (SGC) and the Wicomico Environmental Trust (WET) are pleased to invite you to attend the lecture:

Wed. April 24, 6:00 pm, Henson 103

Building Resilience to Climate Change: State of Maryland Policy

 and Practice.

By Dr. David M. Goshorn, Director, Office for a Sustainable Future ,Md Dept of Natural Resources

If you have any question, please e-mail me at (akali@salisbury.edu).

Amal Ali, Professor of Geosciences SU

Monday April 22 ESA/SGA/ENVR Earth Week Events PLUS two Sat events: Chino Farms BioBlitz--4/27/2013

Hello all Here's the most recent update on goings-on this week. Plus, please note Saturday's Arbor Day Celebration and Chino Farms Bioblitz-- Take care, Mr Nelson

4/22 Monday: Earth Day Celebration in Red Square, 11-2

                     -check out the 1 in 7 billion projects by ENVR 102 classes

                     -There will also be a Real Food Challenge table!

4/23 Tuesday: YERT movie in Devilbiss Hall 123, 6:30 pm 

4/24 Wednesday: Recycle Madness in Red Square, 11-3

 4/25 Thursday: "Do the Math" climate change movie in Devilbiss Hall 128, 7:00 pm 

4/26 Friday: ENVR Department Celebration! Tie-dye, burgers, potluck, and friends!  At the gazebo outside of Seagull Square, 11-2

4/27 Saturday: Arbor Day Celebration 2:30 p.m

    -Planting trees to increase the health of the Wicomico River.

  -WHERE: Port of Salisbury Marina (506 West Main Street, next to Brew River Restaurant)

-Bring friends, gloves, and gardens tools if you can.  Please wear weather appropriate clothing and closed toe shoes for your safety.  All are welcome to join to improve the Wicomico River and surrounding area.  Pre-registration is greatly appreciated.

Please contact JaLeesa Tate for more information at (410) 548-4860 or jtate@wicomicocounty.org

4/27 Saturday Chino Farms BioBlitz

The Maryland Biodiversity Project (http://www.marylandbiodiversity.com/) and the Chester River Field Research Station (CRFRS) of Washington College are co-sponsoring a BioBlitz on April 27th. The BioBlitz will be held on Chino Farms, located in northern Queen Anne's County along the Chester River. As one of the largest privately owned farms in MD, its 5,000+ acres encompass a wide diversity of habitats including a large warm season grassland, extensive river edge, a large lake, many ponds and Delmarva bays, mixed woodlands and lots of buffers surrounding the crop fields. The farm has been designated an Audubon Important Bird Area (IBA) and has received awards for its conservation practices. 99% of the farm is in conservation easements. Just over 700 species have been identified on the property to date.

This is a great opportunity to add to the distribution lists of species on the upper Eastern Shore. This area hasn't been studied as closely as other parts of the state. Numerous county records (and maybe even state records) are possible. For instance, in one season of native bee sampling 14 new Queen Anne's County records were documented. For more information on BioBlitzes in general see: http://www.pwrc.usgs.gov/blitz/

(Also from Bill Hubick and Jim Brighton:

Maryland Biodiversity Project (MBP) reaches 10,000 species!

If you haven't checked in at MBP recently, we recently hit a major milestone. For the first time ever, we have cataloged over 10,000 species of living thing in Maryland. This includes over 2,700 species with photographs from over 120 photographers and nearly 50,000 individual records. The goal of Maryland Biodiversity Project is to promote nature education and conservation by helping to build a vibrant general nature study community.

Check out Maryland Biodiversity Project: http://www.marylandbiodiversity.com

For daily natural history topics on their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/MarylandBiodiversity )

Friday April 19 T Shirts and a busy week

Hey all,



Other Big Doings next week—

Mon 4.22 11-2 pm ENVR 102 classes display their 1 in 7 Billion projects in Red Square

Tues 4.23: YERT director will come—talk to Green Floor 007 Pocomoke 4 pm (ENVR students invited); movie screening Devilbiss 123 @ 6:30 YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip): 50 States. 1 Year. Zero Garbage? Called to action by a planet in peril, three friends hit the road - traveling with hope, humor, and all of their garbage - to explore every state in America (the good, the bad...and the weird) in search of the extraordinary innovators and citizens who are tackling humanity's greatest environmental crises. As the YERT team layers outlandish eco-challenges onto their year-long quest, an unexpected turn of events pushes them to the brink in this award-winning docu-comedy. Featuring Bill McKibben, Wes Jackson, Will Allen, Janine Benyus, Joel Salatin, David Orr, and others. <http://www.yert.com/film.php>)

Thurs April 25 7 pm, Devilbiss Hall 128: Screening of Bill McKibben's divestment tour movie "Do the Math"

Fri April 26 11-2 pm gazebo outside of Seagull Square: ENVR picnic/t-shirt pickup & tie dye event. We’ll have burgers and dogs/etc—if you can help out by bringing a potluck dish, that would be great!   Take care, Mr Nelson, ENVR

Wednesday April 17 Upcoming Events: Native Plant Sale, Berlin Clean Up Day and Operation Medicine Drop

Hey all, For any of you who can plant some things around your apartment/want to get something cool and eco-friendly for Mother’s Day/want to get some native plants for home— Take care, Mr Nelson

From: Assateague Coastal Trust [mailto:development@actforbays.org]
Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 9:56 AM
To: William Nelson
Subject: Upcoming Events: Native Plant Sale, Berlin Clean Up Day and Operation Medicine Drop




April 2013


goldfinch act demonstartion gardenmonarchheirloom tomato




14th Annual Native Plant & Heirloom Tomato Festival!

Saturday, May 11 (Day Before Mothers Day)
Pre-Order Now While Supplies Last


With longer days and warmer temperatures, many of us are planning to spruce up our yards and businesses to enjoy the outdoors. When the time comes to put your green thumb to work, think about the benefits of planting native plants.

We've moved the event to May 11, the day before Mothers Day providing you with the opportunity to honor Mom with a beautiful gift that keeps on giving! 


If you want to purchase native plants (and delicious heirloom tomatoes) for your (or your Mom's) yard or business, please join ACT for the 14th annual Native and Heirloom Plant Festival, scheduled for May 11th.  


The Festival begins at 8:00 a.m. and will be held in the lot next to ACT's office, steps from the corner of Old Ocean City Blvd. and North Main Street in Berlin.



The site is a perfect venue for a Festival that combines gardening activities, local craft exhibits, and children's programs.


Native or indigenous plants are those that naturally occur in our coastal and Chesapeake Bay watersheds. Using native plants will:

  •  Increase the chances that the plants will thrive in your yard, as they are suited to our soils and climate. 

  • Require less watering than non-natives do, and are able to make better use of rainwater than typical lawn turf. 

  • Benefit local and migratory wildlife that use native plant species for food, cover, and rearing young. 


Besides the plants themselves, local craftspeople will be exhibiting their Mom-friendly work for sale. ACT plant sale - redwood burl mat











Advance orders may be placed now with ACT's secure on-line order form. The forms may be printed out and mailed to ACT's office with a check, but customers are encouraged to use ACT's easy, secure, on-line order form with your credit card. 

Click HERE for secure on-line ordering

 Pre-orders are highly recommended.  For more information, call Assateague Coastal Trust at (410) 629-1538 or visit  www.actforbays.org.

Descriptions of every plant are available on the website or through the mail to help gardeners make their choices. 



Volunteers Needed for Operation Medicine Drop (April 27) and Native Plant Sale (May 11)


Volunteers are needed to assist the Assateague COASTKEEPER with Operation Medicine Drop on Saturday, April 27. Volunteers are needed for the O.M.D. locations in Berlin, Ocean Pines, and West Ocean City.

Volunteers are also needed to assist with the  14th Annual Native Plant & Heirloom Tomato Festival on Saturday, May 11. The festival will be held at the ACT office near the corner of Old Ocean City Boulevard and North Main Street in Berlin, MD.  

Volunteers can also help by placing a colorful Native Plant Sale sign in their yard prior to the May 11 event.      

For more information about volunteer opportunities with Operation Medicine Drop and the Native Plant Sale, please visit www.actforbays.org or call (410) 629-1538. 









APRIL 20-27




Kick-off Take Pride in Berlin Week 2013 at the Annual Clean-Up Day on Saturday, April 20, 2013.  Registration starts at 8:30 AM in either Stephen Decatur or Henry Park and Clean-Up runs from 9-Noon, followed by a FREE lunch in Henry Park.  To sign up online for Take Pride in Berlin Week "Clean-Up Day" please click on the link below to view the various volunteer opportunities we have lined up.  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/805084FA5AA2EA57-cleanup. This year, we're encouraging team sign-ups.  You don't have to pre-register to participate, walk-ins are always welcome!

What can you do next week - April 20-27 - to show your Berlin Pride?  Let us know on FaceBook at Take Pride in Berlin Week.

 On Saturday, April 27 downtown businesses will hold an open-house.  More details to come...


Contact Information

ACT Office phone:             410-629-1538      mail@actforbays.org  

Coast Kids phone:             410-629-1538      coastkids@actforbays.org

COASTKEEPER phone:    443-235-2014      coastkeeper@actforbays.org


Find us on FacebookJoin Our Mailing List                       WKA logo




Tuesday April 16 Interested in commuting by bike but concerned about safety? Read more!

Hey all,  Here’s a cool way to support Bike-Salisbury and learn more about bicycle commuting! Check it out—

Take care,  Mr Nelson

Good morning, All--
Most of us know how to ride a bike.  
Most of us understand that over 40% of car trips are less than 2 miles in length.
Most of us would love to be able to use a bike more in our daily commuting, but are also concerned about how to ride on the road safely with cars.
So what do we do about this?
If you are interested in biking with more skill and confidence, then you are invited to Bike-SBY's
FREE Commuter Workshop on Saturday, April 27 from 9 am to noon at Salisbury University's Henson Hall.
Bring a bike and a helmet, so we can learn in the classroom then apply on the road.
RSVP for the event here!
The morning class is limited to 20 participants, and is already half filled.  Don't worry; you won't be left out.  We will schedule a second session for the afternoon of April 27 if we have enough interest.
If you have a friend, neighbor, or coworker who might be interested in this event, please forward this email on to them.  See you on the road!             Matt    Bike-SBY   http://www.bike-sby.org/


Monday April 15 Marsh planting/volunteer opportunites coming up

Hey All, Pickering Creek Audubon Center, which is just past Easton near Route 50, could really use our help for three different plantings @ Blackwater this spring.

Take care,  Mr Nelson ENVR Studies

We have three salt marsh planting dates at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge coming up this April and May.  Each is about 2.5 hours long and participants get pizza and a cool t-shirt or hat at the end.
April 20 - 9:30AM-12:00
May 11 - 9:30AM-12:00
May 30 - 5:00 PM-7:30 PM
Mark Scallion, Center Director, Pickering Creek Audubon Center
11450 Audubon Lane  Easton, MD 21601  www.pickeringcreek.org


Make your mark
on the marsh!

April 20 - 9:30AM-12:00
May 11 - 9:30AM-12:00
May 30 - 5:00 PM-7:30 PM

Join us for a salt marsh planting at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. Lunch will be provided. Call the Pickering Creek Audubon Center office today to reserve your spot!

Website: pickeringcreek.org    Facebook: www.facebook.com/pickeringcreek   Phone: 410-822-4903

Monday April 15 Summer Courses at the MD Institute for Applied Environmental Health

(see Mr Nelson for attachments if interested or email Maurice Roque, below)

Hey all, Here are some summer courses that might interest you-- Take care, Mr Nelson

The Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health at the University of Maryland will be teaching multiple environmental health courses over the Summer 2013 terms. These courses may be of interest to your students or members, as many of them are online and can be taken by individuals who are not currently enrolled in the University of Maryland, College Park.

 Please help us in our efforts to advertise these courses by disseminating the attached information to your students.

The application deadline for Non-UMD students is May 20, 2013 for the first summer session.

Any questions can be directed to Maurice Rocque, Coordinator, at mrocque@umd.edu<mailto:mrocque@umd.edu>.

Thank you,  Katherine Leppert   Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health School of Public Health University of Maryland, College Park

Friday April 12 Seagrass Update & Oyster Help request

Hey all,  Here’s a quick update re the eelgrass seed harvesting from The Nature Conservancy down in the Virginia barrier islands and a request for volunteers to help establish oyster beds in early May.  Take care, Mr Nelson ENVR

 From: Jennifer Dalke [mailto:jdalke@tnc.org]   Subject: Seagrass Update: Oyster Help 

Good Afternoon—The theoretical seagrass schedule should be available at the end of this month and dates will become clearer in early May. Stay tuned and share the seagrass website with your friends! We have another big project coming up that I thought you might be interested in—we need 40-50 volunteers to help set 6,000 Oyster Castles on the Eastern Shore, see attached photo.

Six—eight volunteers are needed these dates (we only have 4 people total signed up so far):

 ·         Fri, May 3: 8 a.m.

·         Sat, May 4: 9 a.m.

·         Sun, May 5: 10 a.m.

·         Mon, May 6: 11 a.m.

·         Tue, May 7: 11:30 a.m.

·         Wed, May 8: 12:30 p.m.

·         Thur, May 9: 1 p.m.

Deployment of 6,000 Oyster Castles

Eastern Shore near Machipongo, VA (Boxtree Farm)

DATES SET (plan on working 3-4 hours)—see above

The Nature Conservancy is using oyster castle blocks to raise the surface of an old, dead oyster reef to allow it to become functional oyster habitat that will be capable of keeping up with sea level rise.  We are in need of 6-8 volunteers each day to move 30 pound oyster castles pieces for 3-4 hours each day. This is labor intensive work that requires volunteers to spend most of the day outside, on the water, sometimes in knee to hip deep water, with a firm bottom composed of loose shell. Most importantly, volunteers must be able to repeatedly move 30 pound oyster castle pieces all day. You will need to bring your own hip waders or water shoes that will stay on in sticky mud. Volunteers will meet at Boxtree Farm and travel a short distance by boat to the site of deployment. All work is weather dependent and we will have a call in system to confirm if the workday is a “go” or “no-go” each day. Please contact Jen Dalke, volunteer program manager, at jdalke@tnc.org or 434-951-0572 (w) or 540-335-1302 (c) if you are interested.    Thanks for your help with both OYSTERS and SEAGRASS.      Jen

Jennifer Dalke, CVA
Volunteer Program Manager
(434) 951-0572 (Office)
(540) 335-1302 (Mobile)
(434) 979-0370 (Fax)


  Description: Description: Description: http://nature.org/images/emailsig_pixel.gif  

The Nature Conservancy

490 Westfield Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901



 Thursday April 11 ACT NEEDS YOU - Beach Clean Up and Coast Kids volunteers needed now!

COASTKEEPER'S BAYSIDE BEACH SWEEP:  Ocean City, MD this weekend! April 13  8:30am - 12noon.   Join SU students and the Coastkeeper to clean out a winter's accumulation of natural and man-made 'flotsam and jetsam' in a cove off Isle of Wight Bay!   Contact Kathy Phillips, Coastkeeper, to volunteer at coastkeeper@actforbays.org.   

We're also looking for a few volunteers to help make a weekly sweep of this little  beach all summer long to clean it and record data of what is picked up. Let us know if you want to help with this part too! 


APRIL 20th - Salisbury Zoo - Join our COAST KIDS booth and help do fun art activities for kids visiting the Zoo for Earth Day!!  Contact Verena Chase coastkids@actforbays.org for more information

APRIL 20th - Berlin, MD - Join our GROW BERLIN GREEN crew to help clean trash out of a portion of Hudson Branch off Assateague Road.  Bring sturdy shoes and work gloves.  Contact Steve Farr for more information-development@actforbays.org     


We need a few volunteers to help at our Ocean Pines, West Ocean City and Berlin drop off locations.  Assist a Worcester County Sheriff's Deputy in collecting unused and expired medications from citizens.  Contact Kathy Phillips, Coastkeeper, for more info:  coastkeeper@actforbays.org 

Thursday April 11 rescheduled/re-offering of ENVR 205 and ENVR 305

Hello all,  Some of you have had a frustrating time figuring your schedules for the coming fall after we had to close out one section of ENVR 205 and one of ENVR 305. We’re pleased to announce that we can now re-offer both sections—at different times, and most likely in different rooms—with a terrific professor. Ivan Young, whom some of you may know from the wonderful English classes he has taught here, has offered to take on our classes. He brings a wealth of experience to the task, including a background in both biology and in the humanities. He’s well-versed in things environmental, is passionate about poetry and—and I can say this from having had the pleasure of working with him for a number of years—is a superb teacher.  Here’s the nuts and bolts: 

ENVR 205.001 will be offered MWF 12-12:50. It’s in Gullnet now—just says room TBA and staff now, but we’ll soon find a room and have Mr Young’s name added as prof. You can go ahead and sign up (if it’s your time).

ENVR 305.002 will be offered MW 2-3:15. It is not in Gullnet yet (it’s a little more complicated, and I’ll have to work with the Registrar’s office tomorrow), but know that the class will be available and should be ready for you to sign up by tomorrow afternoon or Monday at the latest. The exact topic name is still being fine-tuned but will entail exploring concepts of self and the literature of the environment; way cool, I’d say!

  We hope this alleviates the scheduling stress that some of you have been feeling—and we welcome Mr Young to our ENVR faculty!   take care, Mr Nelson

Tuesday April 9 ENVR t shirts

Hey All,  Quick reminder—if you want an ENVR t shirt, stop by, fork over the $12, and reserve one—this week, by Friday! We’re basing the number of shirts we order on your response, and if not-too-many students come by we’ll order not-too-many shirts. Then when the shirts DO come in and those who preordered are wearing their tye-dyed artistic creations and soaking up all the attention from fellow SU students, you’ll say, “Dang! I should have ordered a shirt when I had the chance!” and we’ll say, “Oh, waaah.”  Mr Nelson   ENVR Studies




Tuesday April 9 Nat Wildl Fed. Fellowship extension and Ches Cons Corp program

Hey All,  Two opportunities of note— Take care, Mr Nelson ENVR


Deadline Extended: National Wildlife Federation 2013 Fellowships

The National Wildlife Federation's Campus Ecology Program is seeking applications for its 2013 Campus Climate and Emerging Leaders Fellowship program. Since 2000, NWF has awarded over 150 fellowships to students across the country working on projects ranging from campus-wide energy audits to implementing sustainable forestry practices. Fellows gain practical experience in the conservation field and firsthand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities inherent in conservation efforts. Applications will be accepted through April 14.

Chesapeake Conservation Corps Program Seeks Volunteers for Class of 2014

The Chesapeake Bay Trust is proud to announce solicitations for volunteers for the 2013-14 Chesapeake Conservation Corps, a program that provides service-learning opportunities and green job training for young people through environmental and energy conservation projects. This initiative, supported by the Trust, Constellation Energy, and the state of Maryland, pairs young adults with organizations that provide hands-on environmental, leadership, and technical training opportunities for a one-year term of service.

The Chesapeake Bay Trust anticipates placing 20-25 Corps Volunteers in Host Organizations throughout Maryland for one year terms of service, with service to begin August 27, 2013. Individuals will be between the ages of 18 and 25 years at the time of enrollment. Corps Volunteers will receive stipends of $15,500 per year plus health insurance, administered by the Trust.

Click here to fill out an application to be a Chesapeake Conservation Corps volunteer. DEADLINE TO APPLY: APRIL 19.

Click here to view a list of potential Host Organizations. Applicants are encouraged to contact potential Host Organizations with their resume during the application period. For any questions about becoming a volunteer or about the Chesapeake Conservation Corps, contact Tara Baker, 410-974-2941, ext. 102.  (this info is available at http://www.cbtrust.org/site/c.miJPKXPCJnH/b.6185161/k.3657/Chesapeake_Conservation_Corps.htm )


Tuesday April 9 Big Doings This Week: Alpha Sigma Tau Green Day Wed, OC Beach Cleanup & Chamber of Commerce S'by Cleanup Sat

Hey all, Here are three worthwhile activities this week, one Wednesday and two Saturday. Get involved! Take care, Mr Nelson

This Wednesday from 12-2 Alpha Sigma Tau girls are hosting a "Green Day" in Red Square!  They want to spread the word on re-using safe water bottles instead of repeatedly buying plastic bottles.  Buttons will also be given out. 

They are interested in becoming a GREEN sorority and want our help!  

Please visit the table or help out for a little! àSee Jillian Parisi jp81329@gulls.salisbury.edu for more information.


On Saturday, April 13th, the Assateague Coastal Trust is hosting a Bayside Beach Sweep in conjunction with Ocean City’s Annual Spring Clean-Up. At least 4-5 volunteers are needed to record and remove debris washed up on a particularly litter-heavy bayside beach in OC. The Sweep will begin early in the day (specific details to follow) and will last about 4-5 hours. Data from the Sweep will be compared to subsequent data collected from the same site throughout the summer. At the end of the summer, the ACT's intern will analyze the cumulative data.

If volunteers would like to use this opportunity for service hours, the Assateague Coastal Trust will provide proper documentation. Burritos from Chipotle will be provided to volunteers for lunch!! If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kathy Phillips at coastkeeper@actforbays.org or ACT’s Salisbury University intern, Lauren Tercero at lt33312@gulls.salisbury.edu

THE GREAT SALISBURY CLEANUP-Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's not too late to get in on the action.  The GREAT SALISBURY CLEANUP is this Saturday, April 13, 2013, from 9 a.m. to noon. Individuals can still participate and/or your help by forming a team of friends to volunteer to work together for 3 hours cleaning up.  We'd love your help to eliminate litter from our community.  We have ESBLN taking care of the Zoo, Boy Scouts handling the City Park, Salisbury Youth Advisory Council cleaning up Lake Street, and Girl on Top of the World helping in the Church Street area.  These are just some of the folks helping to clean up our City.  If you want to help, let us know ahead of time so that we can be prepared or if it is last minute, report to 200 Naylor Street ready to join a team.  For more information call 410-749-0144. 

 Monday April 8 Bike-SBY Bike Swap This Weekend, Native Plant Sale in May

Hello all, This weekend Bike Salisbury is hosting a bike swap in the parking lot of the Evolution Brewery (info below).   Attached you’ll also find information about the Assateague Coastal Trust’s native plant sale, to be held in Berlin the day before Mother’s Day.   Take care,  Mr Nelson  ENVR Studies

bike-SBY · 301 N Clairmont Druve, Salisbury, MD 21891, United States
This email was sent to wanelson@salisbury.edu. To stop receiving emails, click here.
You can also keep up with Bike-SBY on Twitter or Facebook.

If you don't have a bike or need to upgrade your current ride, then you need to come to Bike-Salisbury’s 1st Bike Swap this Saturday (April 13) at Evolution Brewery.  The swap will start at 8:00 and end at 11:00.  Bike shops will be there to sell new bike and equipment, and several "private collectors" will also be emptying their closets of personal treasures to sell or trade.
If you have something to sell, plan to arrive between 7:00 & 8:00.  We will be setting up outside in EVO's parking lot.  Bring a folding table, tent, blanket, tarps, and anything else to set-up your own shop, bazaar-style.  Get there early to reserve a premium spot!   This is a rain or shine event.
Rise-Up Coffee will help caffein-ate us and Evo's Evolution Ride (starting at 11:30) will provide alternate refreshments later that day.  As of Monday, over 75 people have RSVPd for the bike swap.  If you plan to attend the bike swap, please RSVP by clicking here.     Look forward to seeing you on Saturday!    Bike-SBY http://www.bike-sby.org/

Monday April 8 from Career Services Internship Alert Digest:

Hey all,  Here are a few internship possibilities for the summer— Take care, Mr Nelson

Laboratory & Field Technician.   Hourly  T0374V  VIMS - Eastern Shore  Eastern Shore Laboratory – 135100.  The Virginia Institute of Marine Science’s Wachapreague Office has up to 5 openings for Temporary Laboratory and Field Technician positions. These positions will work during the summer months (May through August). The primary purpose of this position will be to assist with research projects on scallop restoration, aquaculture environment interactions and the effects of oyster reefs on….  https://jobs.wm.edu/postings/13173

VIMS Summer Aide-possible internship in Eastern Shore Laboratory .  Summer.   Hourly  T0364V  VIMS - Eastern Shore  Eastern Shore Laboratory.  The Virginia Institute of Marine Science’s Wachapreague campus has up to two openings for Summer Aide applicants. These positions are temporary and will work during summer months (June through August) and perform simple manual tasks in support of research operations both in laboratory and outdoor field setting during short boat trips. https://jobs.wm.edu/postings/13175

Blackwater Paddle & Pedal Adventures.  Summer.  Address: 4303 Bucktown Road, Cambridge, MD, 21613.  http://www.blackwaterpaddleandpedal.com/ Contact Person: Susan Meredith/Owner-Manager.  bppadv@gmail.com Phone: 410-901-9255.  Description Of Internship: Interns will be biking, kayaking and hiking. Also you will be guiding tours on the fore-said equipment doing Nature tours relating specifically to Dorchester County and Underground Railroad tours relating specifically to Harriet Tubman and Anna Ella Carroll. You also will be required to clean, do minor repairs to the bikes and kayaks. You will need to be able to drive a truck with a trailer or boat in tow. Qualifications: Interns will need ACA accreditation, DNR Maryland Boaters Safety Course, CPR and first aid. If you do not have any of these accreditations we could possibly arrange group classes if enough people were interested. You must be friendly and out-going and enjoy serving others. Tourism is a service oriented industry. Interns must be physically fit and be able to lift kayaks and bicycles several times daily. Interns majoring in physical education, history, education or biology may find this opportunity rewarding. Application Procedures: Please send your resume by mail or email. Pay: 7.25 + tips.  Questions Comments: We are looking for happy, energetic people who are willing to work outside in the heat of summer while entertaining lots of new people! Blackwater Paddle & Pedal Adventures operates out of the Bucktown Village Store, site of the first known act of defiance in the life of UGRR Conductor Harriet Tubman. Our tours are certified by the National Parks Service UGRR Network to Freedom therefore you will be trained by us to be able to perform as a guide for this service

 Friday April 5 Another new course offering of interest

BIO 490-10: Topics in Primatology            Tu & Th 9:30-10:45am (lecture); Th 12:00-2:30pm (lab)

This first time SU course offering will be an introduction to the field of primatology taught by  Dr. Reema Persad-Clem.    We will explore non-human primate diversity, behavior, ecological context, and evolution, including interactions that non-human primates have with other species and various roles they play in the larger ecological community. Despite the fact that over half of all known primate species are threatened with the possibility of extinction, our genetic next of kin are routinely displaced from their habitats, hunted for meat and captured for trade. We will consider how non-human primates in captivity have filled a variety of controversial roles, including becoming entertainers, companions and research subjects. We will discuss the impending non-human primate extinction crisis, including specific in-situ conservation strategies and tactics e.g. impacts (both positive and negative) of primate field research, eco-tourism, as well as ex-situ approaches e.g. captive breeding programs. Lastly, we will examine the implication of primatology's role in understanding our own species.

This course includes a lab and a Saturday field trip to the National Zoo, D.C.

Pre-requisite:  Zoology. (Other pre-requisites e.g. PSY 301 and ANTH 102 may be considered, pending instructor approval).

Friday April 5 ENVR t shirt offer--but you have to act fast!

Get a soon-to-be-priceless, First Edition ENVR T shirt!

Support your department, show that you care, and join the cutting edge of fashion!


We’re going to order a batch of shirts emblazoned with Steve Roger’s winning design and hand them out at our first-ever ENVR GREENfest picnic on Friday, April 26. There you’ll be able to tie dye your shirt and turn this already cool item of clothing into a true work of art.

We need to know how many of each size to order (and will also need to pay for the shirts!), so if you are interested, bring $12 (check or cash) to Mr Nelson in Holloway 347, by Friday, April 12.


Friday April 5 Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health Summer Course Advertisement

Hey all, If anyone’s looking for summer classes— Take care, Mr Nelson

 From: Katherine Leppert [mailto:kal603@terpmail.umd.edu]
Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2013 1:52 PM
To: Maurice Rocque
Subject: Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health Summer Course Advertisement

Good afternoon,
The Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health at the University of Maryland will be teaching multiple environmental health courses over the Summer 2013 terms. These courses may be of interest to your students or members, as many of them are online and can be taken by individuals who are not currently enrolled in the University of Maryland, College Park.
Please help us in our efforts to advertise these courses by disseminating the attached information to your students.
The application deadline for Non-UMD students is May 20, 2013 for the first summer session.
Any questions can be directed to Maurice Rocque, Coordinator, at mrocque@umd.edu.
Thank you,  Katherine Leppert  Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health
School of Public Health   University of Maryland, College Park

Friday April 5 course offering of interest

Hello all,  Here’s a new ENVR-related course offered by the PSYC department for the coming fall—

PSYC 495 Selected Topics in Psychology: Psychology and Global Climate Change

T/Th 12:30-1:45

Co-taught by Dr. Maier, Walter and Whitehead, this seminar will explore the various ways in which psychological factors relate to the phenomenon of global climate change. We will explore issues that pertain to the cause of, mitigation of, and adaptation to recent changes in the earth’s climate, with consideration of relevant beliefs, attitudes, stress/emotion, behavior, and socio-political factors. In addition to discussion of assigned readings, students will have the opportunity to actively learn about relevant issues outside of the classroom. Junior/senior status is suggested.

Thursday April 4 Job Opportunity in NC

Hey all, Here’s an organic farm/community job—Picard’s Mountain Eco-Institute--running from April-October in NC. If you click on the “we’re hiring” link http://pickardsmountain.org/home/now-hiring you’ll get all of the specifics—Good luck, Mr Nelson  ENVR




Beautiful Image of Hands in Soil- Click


Pickards Mtn Eco-Institute


Help us find someone who loves farming, 

learning and teaching.  


Someone who is optimistic, cooperative, hard working, knowledgeable, kind and respected.


Someone who cares for plants, kids, interns, and the Earth, and is willing to get their hands dirty.


They might be the perfect new Manager for the Odyssey Internship Program!


Pass the word- 

Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute is hiring!

Click here for details.













Healing the Human-Earth Relationship 

Through Earth Literacy & Local Economy


 Spring 2013


Image of vibrant purple crocus

Photo by  

Juliet Blankespoor





Upcoming Events 


Intro to Permaculture

April 20th


Intro to Herbal Medicine

April 21st


Outdoor Yoga Series

April - October


Community Potluck

April 25th


Free Community Solar Workshop

April 27th


Cob Building Intensive

April 28 - May 4


Cooking the Garden's Bounty

May 11th


Cob Oven Workshop

May 11 & 12


Living Earth Ecology Walk

May 18th

Earthen Plaster Workshop

 May 18 & 19






Wednesday April 3 Conowingo Dam Meeting in Cambridge Apr 17

Hello All,

    As you may know, recent discussions regarding new stormwater/runoff Watershed Implementation Plans have been sometimes contentious, with people asking “Why should we spend our money cleaning up our little corner of the Bay when issues surrounding the Conowingo Dam play a much larger part in the picture?” On Wednesday, April 17, The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance is sponsoring a discussion/meeting about exactly that. The meeting will take place right down the road, in Cambridge. It’ll be a great opportunity to learn a lot in a hurry—experts representing a wide range of points of view form the panel—and broaden your knowledge base about this timely and important issue. Put it on your calendars—

    On another note, without mentioning names, one of our ENVR profs (Dr Surak) informed me that I had been skunked by the Kryptonite lock article in Grist.  All I can say is, I HATE APRIL FOOLS! Thought I had left that silliness behind in middle school—and even made sure not to read any online screeds on Monday to avoid just such things—but didn’t realize that particular article had been posted Monday.  Grrr.

Take care,

Mr Nelson



From: Shelly Baird [mailto:shellybaird@nanticokeriver.org]
Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2013 12:56 PM
To: Shelly Baird
Subject: Partner Role in the Conowingo Dam Meeting


Dear Partner in Conservation,


As I approach one year with the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance, I remain committed to re-engage our Partners in Conservation and utilize this diverse partnership effectively for collaboration and constructive dialogue. An upcoming example of this collaboration is the Conowingo Dam meeting (see below & attached).


Your involvement is needed to make this conversation possible! Please help us with the following 3 requests:


1.      Promote this meeting to your organization, staff, members, partners, etc.


2.      Attend the meeting on April 17th (see below). If you have not already, let us know if you plan to attend.


3.      Participate in the discussion. Following the panelists presentations, the audience will submit written questions to be asked by the moderator.

*NWA Partner questions will be given priority. If you have questions in advance, please send them to shellybaird@nanticokeriver.org.


Thank you for your partnership and support. As always, let us know if we can help your organization in any way. We look forward to seeing you on the 17th.


Have a nice afternoon,

Shelly Baird


Shelly Baird, Executive Director

Nanticoke Watershed Alliance

PO Box 111, Vienna, MD 21869


 Wednesday April 3 Read Green Festival

Hello All,   Interested in environmental stewardship?  Want to meet nationally and internationally recognized authors and illustrators who are exploring important “green” topics of interest to young people?  Then attend SU’s “Read Green” Literature Festival!

At 6 p.m. Thursday, April 4, 14-year-old Olivia Bouler, author of Olivia’s Birds: Saving the Gulf, delivers a keynote talk in Holloway Hall Auditorium. She has garnered national attention from CNN, The Today Show, MSNBC, the Disney Channel and others for the inspirational book she created to help the birds impacted by the 2010 Gulf Coast oil spill. National Green Earth Book Award winning authors also speak and sign books.  

At noon on Friday, April 5, Eliot Schrafer, author of Endangered, will speak in TETC 226

At 1 pm on Friday, April 5, Phil Hoose, author of Moonbird, will speak in TETC 226

At 5 p.m. Friday, April 5, the Green Earth Book Awards are officially presented at the Ward Museum, in conjunction with an opening reception for an art and photography exhibit featuring illustrations by the winners and Bouler.  Among those recipients attending are:

·         Eliot Schrefer, author of the National Book Award finalist Endangered, the tale of a girl working to save a group of bonobos,

·         Loree Griffin Burns, author of Citizen Scientists, and

·         National Book Award winner Philip Hoose, author of Moonbird, an examination of extinction through a celebrated shorebird. 

Given by The Nature Generation, the prize is the country’s first to honor those who promote environmental stewardship in youth literature and it is an honor for SU to host this event.  Also participating are science writer Melissa Stewart and Icelandic writer Andri Snær Magnason, who directed a documentary about Iceland’s environment and was featured in the Oscar-winning documentary Inside Job.    

All events are free and the entire campus community is invited.  There’s much more, including events throughout the day on Saturday. For more information and a complete schedule, visit www.salisbury.edu/readgreen or call 410-543-6030.

Katie Martin  Public Relations Specialist  Salisbury University

Wednesday April 3 Bake Sale Today (Food for Stomach) and Development of Interest (Food for Thought)

Good morning all, If you have an appetite, here’s a chance to get some goodies and support a sister group:

The BioEnvirons Club will be having a bake sale today in the Henson Plaza starting at 11:00 a.m.  All profits will be given to Horse Lovers United!  This is a non-profit organization composed of dedicated horse lovers which find homes for abandoned race horses and unwanted horses which typically have medical problems. They have helped to find homes for over 1500 horses since 1992 and need donations in order for them to continue spreading the love!                          Thanks for your support, BioEnvirons Club

I’m also passing along a bit of news that may be worth following and discussing as you develop your own world views—This morning NPR reported evidence that unknown hackers—individual, not government sponsored cyberattacks—have penetrated various North Korean government websites and disrupted service, protesting NK’s threats of nuclear war. One supposedly left a message saying (I’m paraphrasing here) “You like abuses of power? Here’s ours.”  While the unfolding conflict between NK and the west may seem to be a purely political issue (though one could argue that nuclear war will qualify as an environmental problem), this incident can also be seen as an act of civil protest—of individuals going outside the rules of law and diplomacy to try to change the course of government. It’s a new tool, and it crosses national boundaries, but one could see it as a contemporary example of civil disobedience, which has a long history in many cultures.

 Remember the ancient Chinese curse—“May you live in interesting times.”  Take care,  Mr Nelson

Tuesday April 2 Lots of ENVR-Related Activities

Hey all, Here are a number of great things to do and see this week and next: Take care, Mr Nelson, ENVR 

1)     Teach English Abroad Workshop: Have an adventure, begin your career!

Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 4:00-5:00 pm in the Career Services Office (GUC 133)

Come hear about MANY different kinds of Teaching English Overseas programs available as a JOB for YOU:

·         Some extremely competitive

·         Opportunities exist ALMOST in every country

·         Particular programs pay good and offer benefits

Why would you want to do this?

·         It is typically only a 1 year commitment

·         It allows you to do a (another) “study abroad”

·         It lets you expand your international understanding and credentials

·         It typically “gives” you another credential-Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate          

·         It is an adventure

Dr. Brian Stiegler, Director of SU’s Center for International Education will talk about many options including SU’s own Teach for the World - English in Cuenca, Ecuador or Anqing, China.  Dr. Becky Emery, Director of Career Services will also have some additional tips.

*To sign-up for this workshop, go to eRecruiting and login-search the Calendar by Workshops-select the workshop of your choice and sign-up.  If you have trouble call (410-543-6075) or email us at careerservices@salisbury.edu .


2)      On Friday, April 5th, the Henson School, the Department of Environmental Studies, the Fulton School, the Seidel School, Seagull Century, and the Nature Generation are pleased to sponsor talks by award-winning authors Elliot Schrefer and Phillip Hoose.

Elliot Schrefer is the author of Endangered, The Deadly Sister, The School for Dangerous Girls, Glamorous Disasters, and The New Kid. Schefer is a contributor to The Huffington Post and a reviewer for USA Today. He has been profiled in Newsweek, New York magazine, and WWD, among other publications. Endangered is the recipient of the 2012 Green Earth Book Award in the Young Adult Fiction Category, and a finalist for the National Book Award.  His talk will take place at 12:00 PM in TETC 226, The Curriculum Resource Center.  A reception will take place at 3:00 PM in the Frederick Room in the Commons.

Phillip Hoose is the widely-acclaimed author of books, essays, stories, songs, and articles, including Hey, Little Ant, The Race to Save the Lord God Bird, National Book Award Finalist We Were There, Too! Young People in US History, and National Book Award winner Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice.  At 1:00 PM, in TETC 226, he will speak about his latest book, Moonbird (2012), which received the Young Adult Nonfiction Green Earth Book Award.  The book follows the life of one Red Knot Rufa, an endangered shorebird whose migration brings it through the Eastern Shore

Both authors are on campus as part of the Green Earth Book Awards, Children's and Young Adult Literature Festival, and the Read Green Conference.  For more information, please visit http://faculty.salisbury.edu/~elbond/childlitfestival.html.

For more info contact Kristen Paul, STEM Coordinator, Henson Science Hall 201D, Office:  410-677-5368


3)      Climate Change – A Series of Films & Lectures:  SU's Smart Growth Club (SGC) and the Wicomico Environmental Trust (WET) are pleased to invite you to attend the following public events:

The Climate Wars, BBC Documentary -- Thursday (April 11) at 6:00 pm  Room # HS 243

Maryland & Climate Change  By Dr. David M. Goshorn, Director, Office for a Sustainable Future, Md Dept of Natural Resources  Wednesday (April 24th) at 6:00 pm Room # HS 103

If you have any question, please e-mail Dr. Amal Ali  at (akali@salisbury.edu).