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Seminars, Speakers and Activities for Spring 2017

Pipelines and the Public Square Wednesday, February 22 Conway Hall (TETC) 153 7pm.  We will hear from Janet Fiskio, Environmental Studies and Comparative American Studies, from Oberlin College.  Recent movements like #nodapl and Idle No More open spaces for participatory democracy and utopian desire to emerge.  Taking these and similar "choreographies of protest" to heart, this talk will consider the value of asking questions, causing trouble, and dwelling in the presence of unbearable grief as we confront and respond to events like global climate change and species extinction.

Green Infrastructure & Sustainability: The Weaver Bird Arboretum & Apiary in Africa Wednesday, March 15 Conway Hall (TETC) 153 7pm.  Though we often think of green infrastructure in the context of urban areas, green infrastructure can be important in rural landscapes as well.  Fulbert Namwamba from SU's Geography and Environmental Studies departments will share examples from recent restoration efforts on a farm in Kenya.

Landscape Simplification and Pollinators: Can we design agricultural systems that maintain ecosystem services? Wednesday, April 12 Perdue Hall (PH) 156 5:30pm.  Claudio Gratton, Department of Entomology, at the University of Wisconsin will talk about how increasing demands for food, and now fuel, have led to the "simplification" of agricultural landscape, that is the removal of natural and semi-natural areas and the increase in monocultures of annual crops.  This simplification is often associated with a decrease in species richness of beneficial species including bees, and increases in crop pest abundance.  The questions then, is can we balance our needs for agricultural production (both food and fuel) in a way that supports other ecosystem services on which we as humans depend?

Saturday, May 6 2017 kayak trip to Cedar Island, VA. 8-4ish, bring your own water & lunch. Space limited: contact Mr Nelson to reserve a seat.


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