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Tami Ransom

Tami Ransom, a community ecologist interested in invasive species and conservation biology, will join the Environmental Studies department this fall (2012). She will teach one section of ENVR 102 Introduction to Sustainability, moving to full-time teaching in January 2013. She worked for many years as a field biologist, surveying for and studying a wide array of organisms from Spotted Salamanders to Northern Spotted Owls. More recently she has explored the roles of both native and invasive earthworms in the forests of the southern Appalachian Mountains and in Indiana. She has published her research in Ecology, Population Ecology, Oecologia, and Biological Invasions, among other journals.


Ransom often utilizes demonstrations with earthworms, amphibians, or birds in community outreach work in order introduce the public or school groups to conservation and environmental issues. Other interests include applied ecological issues such as ecotourism, management of endangered species, management of fragile ecosystems, and restoration ecology.