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Ron Gutberlet

Ron Gutberlet, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, has strong interests in evolutionary biology, citizen science, and the natural history of reptiles, amphibians, and birds. His herpetological research has resulted in the description of several new species and genera of lizards and snakes, methodological developments in phylogenetic analysis, and discoveries about the evolution of pit vipers. He values citizen science as a mechanism for collecting large quantities of valuable data, while providing students and other members of the community opportunities to pursue their curiosity about nature in fun and rewarding ways. He and his students worked on the Delaware Breeding Bird Atlas and are currently contributing to the Maryland Amphibian and Reptile Atlas and eBird. He serves on the Maryland eBird Team and is a member of the Maryland Ornithological Society Research Committee. He also enjoys introducing biology to students in the classroom, and in support of that serves as a Course Redesign Scholar for the National Center for Academic Transformation, a Course Redesign Fellow for the University System of Maryland, and was an Advisory Board member for the latest edition of the textbook Discover Biology.