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Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis is our program director and Associate Professor of History. His areas of expertise include global and US environmental history in the 20th century and environmental studies. He was awarded SU’s Distinguished Faculty Award in 2005, and the Fulton School Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2010. His work on the global spread of conservation science and conservation politics in India and the US has resulted in a monograph, Inventing Global Ecology (2004), an edited collection, American Wilderness (2007), and a number of articles in scholarly and popular periodicals both in India and in the US. The director of the ENVR program since its start in 2004, he served as the Program Chair for the 2009 American Society for Environmental History annual meeting and is on the Editorial Board for the newly created Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. He has twice led student study-abroad trips to India. He has also published articles on pedagogy in both Environmental History and the Journal of Urban History.

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