The Graduate Program in English
Holloway Hall

Graduate Literature Seminars

Coming in Fall 2013

Chaucer, Dr. T. Ross Leasure

Other Recent Seminar Offerings:

Spring 2013

Hawthorne and Melville, Dr. John Wenke
English Lit: Contemporary Fiction, Dr. Manav Ratti

Fall 2012
Austen and Her Contemporaries, Dr. Lucy Morrison

Spring 2012

Postmodern American Novel, Dr. Adam Wood
Donne, Herbert and Marvell, Dr. Ron Dotterer

Fall 2011
Milton, Dr. T. Ross Leasure

Spring 2011
Literature of the African Diaspora, Dr. James King
Dr. Lucy Morrison

Fall 2010
Nature in Literature, Dr. Adam Wood

Summer 2010:
Native American Literature, Dr. John D. Kalb